That new car smell? Make it last longer.

Morning commutes have coffee. Soccer games come with muddy cleats. French fries aren't complete without ketchup. Life is messy, especially in the car. Thanks to YES essentials, those messes don't have to stick around forever. Ultra-effective stain release, odor elimination and anti-static properties make life inside your vehicle practically worry-free. Plus, it's been rigorously tested time and time again, and the results show it's durable enough to take whatever you dish out.

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Resisting stains

Spills and stains that would ruin most car interiors are no sweat for YES Essentials automatic interior fabric's patented repel-and-release technology. Liquid spills bead up on the surface to simply wipe away, and cleaning even dried and ground-in stains is as easy as using soap and water.

Controlling odor

YES Essentials inhibits the growth of odor-causing mold bacteria and helps improve air quality, actively eliminating irritating lingering smells from cigarette smoke and food. YES Essentials takes care of odors from things you see, and things you don't.

Shock resistance

Each seat is treated with an innovative anti-static technology that ensures YES Essentials seats disperse the static charge you build up when getting in and out of your car. This antistatic agent improves comfort, and it actually reduces static in YES Essentials fabrics by more than 50%. No clinging clothes. No painful shocks. Cold winter mornings are painful enough. Thanks to YES Essentials, getting zapped by static electricity won't make them worse.






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