2020 Kia Soul white small SUV

The New Species of Soul.

How did we reinvent something, without losing what made it iconic? It wasn’t easy, but we took inspiration from one of nature’s marvels, the chameleon and its ability to adapt. The completely redesigned exterior and interior, along with all-new high-tech features still allows the spirit of the Soul hatchback to live on. From the all-new GT-Line trims featuring an available turbocharged engine, unique styling, and available center exhaust, to the all-new rugged looking Soul X-Line, Soul is ready to adapt to you.

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Dare to be different. We did.

The all-new Soul is not just another hatchback. Using a holistic approach to enhancing Soul, everything from drivability, comfort and even the opening of the cargo area has been improved.


2020 Kia Soul small SUV interior

With the available Intelligent Variable Transmission, drivers will experience the efficiency of a shiftless transmission, while power is delivered in a linear and refined fashion.

Spacious interior of the 2020 Kia Soul small SUV

Everything from the shape of the driver’s door panel, to the expansive footwell has been reworked to ensure entering and exiting your Soul is fast and easy.

Redesigned cargo opening of the 2020 Kia Soul

Leaving no stone left unturned, even the cargo opening was enhanced by increasing the size of the tailgate opening, lowering the lift over height and reshaping the cargo area, giving you more usable space.

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