Kia Soul EV Tech

Next-level tech.

From the debut of the Organic LED (OLED) 3.5-inch display to the climate-control technologies that maximize driving range, the Soul EV comes loaded with energy-smart innovations. The free smartphone UVO eco app and advanced in-car telematics system make managing your EV simple, no matter where you are or where you plan to go.

Connect to your Soul.

Connect the Soul EV to your mobile device with the available UVO EV Services system and free UVO eco app. Receive battery-status alerts from the comfort of your couch. Unlock the driver door and adjust in-car climate before you even leave the house. With UVO, you get intuitive control right at your fingertips. Download the free UVO eco app or visit


With Charging Schedules on your smartphone and tablet, plug in anytime and charge only when you want to. Schedule charging during off-peak hours to take advantage of the lowest rates.

Pre-heat or pre-cool your car while it’s still charging. Set the time and temperature, through the in-car system or from your smartphone, and the Soul EV will power the HVAC system with the charger instead of the battery.

Never worry about forgetting to lock your doors. With the free UVO eco app, remotely lock all doors or unlock just the driver door with the push of a button. You can even see when a door or the rear hatch is left open.

Tech smart.

It’s the command center that does it all. Get real-time data on your driving range. Schedule charge times or find a station. From the intuitive distance to empty (DTE) display to UVO EV Services features like voice-command navigation, the user-friendly console with 8-inch display keeps you connected and in control while on the go.


Find a charge directly from the driver’s seat. The station locator provides instant results and directions, and you can filter your search by distance or name.

Drive confidently with real-time information on your drivable range and distance to empty (DTE). The Range screen displays your current range radius and public charging stations within that area.

ECO Driving challenges you to be the most eco-friendly driver you can be. The more environment-friendly the drive, the more leaves your tree grows. Level up and make each drive greener than your last.

Comfort for
the long haul.

Driving range increases when you use less energy, as heating and cooling can be a drain on the battery. The Soul EV’s three climate-control technologies help monitor and manage energy use so that you can drive farther, comfortably.

Maximize range by minimizing waste. A highly efficient AC and heater in one, the standard heat pump utilizes waste heat from the car’s own power electronics to further your energy savings. Available on the Soul EV and Soul EV+.

Air Induction Control automatically introduces outside air intelligently to help maintain the cabin temperature you want without using more energy. It’s also linked to a humidity sensor to help keep your windshield from fogging up.

Designed for when you’re driving alone, the Driver-Only option helps conserve energy by isolating ventilation just to the driver.

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