Designed with purpose.

The Niro EV is all about pushing boundaries and its exterior is no different. With an all-new grilleless front theme and exclusive rear fascia engineered to help reduce drag, while enhancing range, EV owners can rejoice, as style seamlessly meets functionality. The upscale aesthetic with blue accents, sleek lines and an athletic silhouette, boldly emphasize that Niro EV is ready to lead the charge.


High-tech curves.

Like an object in water, the Niro EV aerodynamic shape is designed to flow through roads with minimal effort. From front to back, top to bottom, every single exterior line has been meticulously sculpted to reduce drag and accelerate performance. With an active air flap in the lower front bumper to enhance airflow and cooling, bespoke aerodynamic wheels and a full flat undertray, form truly meets function in the Niro EV.


Advanced lighting.

The crisp, bright beams of available LED lighting not only cut through the darkness efficiently, they use energy more efficiently while doing it. Plus the sleek, modern, angled aesthetics of the headlights grin in both night and day for a striking impression.


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