The design features of the 2017 Kia K900 sedan.

Breathing new life into luxury.

The world-class wheelbase. The prestige distance. The sweeping shoulder line. All are characteristic features of a premium rear-wheel sedan. But it’s the way the Kia Design Team blended those features that gives the K900 its athletic bearing and confident stance.


Light driven by you.

For optimal visibility when driving at night, the available Dynamic Bending Light (DBL) works in conjunction with the full LED headlights to deliver a beam that adapts—depending on vehicle speed and turning angle.

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K900 General Driving

The full LED headlights illuminate the road directly ahead.

K900 Corner Driving

The Dynamic Bending Light adjusts as your steering angle changes, helping you take corners with more confidence.

Kia K900 Aerodynamic Design

Bend the wind to your will.

The high beltline conveys its strength. The smooth character line, extending from the front grille across the doors, highlights its elegance. The K900’s sleek silhouette is graceful but contains an underlying tension—seemingly in motion even when still.


Kia K900 Interior Space

The look of distinction.

The K900’s engine is mounted further back—allowing the cabin to be pushed further back. This increases the “prestige distance,” the space between the cabin and front wheel. The result is a blend of proportions both commanding and evocative.


Kia K900 Spaceous Interior

Open the door to luxury.

To get away from it all, you only need to get inside. The K900’s spacious interior provides abundant comforts—ranging from available heated and ventilated front and rear seats to available power-reclining rear seats with Air Cell Lumbar Support.


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