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Electric Car Range | How far can you go? | Kia UK

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A range that goes the distance

Whether you choose from one of our plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles, our vehicles allow you to travel short and long distance without worries.

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Kia's class-leading electric driving range

Driving electric

While Kia electric cars offer ample range, you may want to know what life looks like when you use them for your short or long journeys.

<br><br>Short journeys

Short journeys

If you use your Kia to run errands and getting to and from work, you most likely travel around 30 miles per day. In this case, you'll only need to charge once every week, perhaps even less.

You can do this at home, at work if your employer provides this facility, or you can do small top-ups at one of the many supermarkets or car parks now offering electric car charging.
<br><br>Longer distance journeys

Longer distance journeys

With their extensive range, Kia electric cars are well suited to any long journeys, but planning is key.

You can use short rest stops as an opportunity to top up your Kia using a fast, DC charging station.

Leave yourself enough charge to arrive at your planned stop without breaking a sweat, and if you're in a hurry, just top up to 80% as charging speeds slow down beyond this level.

And to help you plan trips, Kia Charge provides a convenient journey planner.

What Influences Your Range

  • Type of road

    Driving on the motorway impacts your driving range. Keep it in mind for longer distance trips and plan accordingly. In certain cases, lowering your speed can even save you from stopping for a charge, making your overall trip quicker..

  • Season

    Temperatures have an impact on your driving range. You can expect to obtain excellent range in spring/summer but autumn/winter will see a reduction.

  • Planning

    Air conditioning and the use of electronic equipment puts additional strain on your battery so it is a good idea to use the Kia Connect app to pre-condition your cabin at home before you depart and while your Kia is plugged in.

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