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Accident repairs | KIA Bletchleykia

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During your Kia ownership you may need to replace a part and when that happens we recommend using Genuine Kia parts. They’re engineered to precise and exact standards by Kia, matching the original specification of your car. In the event of an Accident, Kia Accident AfterCare is our 24-hour Accident AfterCare service which is free to all Kia owners, irrespective of who you are insured by. This exercises your right to a repair at a Kia approved bodyshop that uses Genuine Kia Parts.


Many minor repairs can usually be carried out quickly. These include:

Paintwork scratches

Alloy damage

Windscreen repair

Bumps and dents

For more involved repairs and Insurance claims, our Approved bodyshops are expert repairers and are best placed to repair your car.

Kia approved bodyshops will only use Genuine Kia parts* and follow manufacturers repair methods while carrying out repairs.

This way you know that the safety and performance standards of your Kia are restored.

*subject to your insurer


We offer services to protect you in case of accidents.

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Kia Insurance

Kia Insurance provides peace of mind cover with a great range of benefits, find out more or get a quote.


Kia Accident AfterCare

Involvement in a road accident, whether big or small, can be a stressful time. In the unfortunate event of an accident, we will be able to remove the stress and take care of the claim and repairs. Click here to find out more.