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KIA meets KRUNK to spice up joyful moments

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Meet the BLACKPINK Interview.

January . 15 . 2020


Q. Hello BLACKPINK, please say Hi to all our fans here.

A. Hello, we are BLACKPINK.



Q. Please tell us how you feel about today’s event.

A. I’m so exciting to see my Blinks who are from several countries in Seoul




Q. You’ve promoted Kia Motors through various activities including the World Tour, as global ambassadors for over a year. How was the experience? 

A. We were lucky enough to hold our very first world tour this year in Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia with the support from Kia. It was a crazy experience performing and meeting all of our fans around the world and we’re very grateful to have shared this whole experience with kia.

We still have many more collaborations coming up with BLACKPINK and Kia, so we hope everybody stays tuned!



Q. You starred in the new Kia Seltos commercial. How was it? 

A. We really enjoyed shooting the commercial.

Actually, we saw the Seltos for the first time during the shoot, and it looked very stylish and sporty.

We are really happy to see our fans enjoying the Seltos commercial~!



Q Many people are eager to know what BLACKPINK will come up with next. Please hint us what we should expect. 

A. We'll be back soon with a new style and music so please stay tuned!! We miss you!