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Roadside assistance

Dal Motors
Roadside Assisatance

Vehicle servicing

Our four state-of-the-art service workshops can accommodate up to 80 vehicles per day for service and repair work. This service is extended to all of the vehicle brands supplied by DAL Motors and includes everything from a quick routine service to full mechanical, bodywork, electrical and air-conditioning repairs. The hi-tech bays are staffed by professionally-trained and certified technicians working in teams each managed by a qualified engineer.

Quality is assured by an advanced quality management system that includes computerised historical records for each vehicle. All repairs are final-tested by professional engineers.

Mobile field service teams provide genuine field-support and can carry out on the spot repairs to keep vehicles in good running order. The teams are equipped with special diagnostic tools and advanced communication facilities. Permanent field service teams are available at specialist sites on request (eg oil fields and construction sites). This service is available to all vehicle owners – not just those people who have bought a vehicles from DAL Motors.

Our engineers and technicians undergo a continuous training programme at our highly equipped onsite training centre, with training supervised by qualified expatriate and local training instructors.

  • Mechanical
    Breakdown Tow
  • Emergency
    Battery Boost
  • Winching
  • Tire
  • Gas
  • Lock Out
  • Trip Interruption