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What is traction control system?

“The traction control system checks whether any wheels are losing their traction on slippery roads and allows drivers to stay in control over their cars by correcting traction loss.”


Even if a car has enormous horsepower and a splendid appearance, it is only a large machine beyond control as soon as the tires spin without traction. Therefore, the role of the traction control system, which prevents wheel slip to ensure the tire can maintain its grip even on low-friction surfaces, is essential.


Traction control is a safety feature controlled by the computer within your vehicle that checks if any of the wheels are rotating unusually faster than the others. Once an abnormal spinning wheel is caught, the system automatically activates the ABS (Anti-lock braking system) or reduces the engine power on that wheel.


In some weather conditions such as snow, rain, and sleet or on slippery surfaces, it is not rare to find your car sliding as it is going around the corner or your tires spinning with throttle applied when your car has completely stopped. These are indications that your car has lost traction. The traction control serves to bring traction back to the car in such weather and road conditions and prevents your car from sliding.

The traction control system measures the number of spins of the four wheels by using sensors  while the accelerator pedal is pressed to speed up. If a large difference in rotational speed among the wheels is detected, the system automatically cuts down the engine power on the slipping wheel. If one or more wheels are spinning faster than the others due to the loss of traction, the system applies the brakes to the wheels to help ensure the car’s stability.


This feature is useful when you press the accelerator pedal to speed up from a full stop or on a slippery uphill road. The technology provides a smoother driving experience and helps ensure drivers keep their cars under control even on low-friction roads.

The traction control system comes into play while the car is accelerating. It prevents your car from losing control during acceleration and helps the vehicle regain traction. The system also comes in handy when your car is turning the corner. While turning corners, the wheels are likely to slide more. The feature will prevent this by controlling the power to the wheels. The traction control system operates best when there is a discrepancy between the acceleration of the wheels and the acceleration of the vehicle, which happens mostly on slippery roads.