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Are electric car charging stations free?

“Many level 2 public chargers are free, while some require payment. You can also charge at home and pay at cheaper household electricity prices. DC fast charging is the costliest.”

There are many public charging points throughout our society you can drop by to fill up your vehicle’s batteries. Many employers are installing charging points at their workplace, and access to the points are offered mostly for free. Likewise, charging points are available at supermarkets, malls, public parking lots, cinemas, etc., and often, they are free for their customers or visitors to use. However, despite the free charging available at public charging points, almost all the electric car owners tend to charge the batteries at home. Those public charging stations are good for your wallet, no doubt. So, plan ahead and enjoy the free charging!

Home charging: Most electric car owners charge their batteries at home. This is the most economical way since the price of household electricity is lower than commercial electricity prices. Charge at home and pay to your electricity provider the bill for the amount of energy you consume. Many home chargers use a level 2 charging system, in which a vehicle generally consumes electricity at the rate of 7.2 kWh. For a plug-in electric car with a capacity of 50 kW, it takes about 7 hours for a full charge.


Public charging: While there are many level 2 public charging stations you can use at no cost, some require payment. You can pay either per session, or by subscription, or a combination of the two. The pricing varies among providers and regions. Some set the price based on the kWh of electricity used, on the other hand, others charge by the minute. Drivers usually choose to pay on a pay-as-you-go basis, but charge station network providers offer the method of subscription payment to encourage more electric car owners with a lower rate to become a frequent long-term customer. This may be a good option if there is a public charging station in your neighborhood.


DC fast charging: This type of charging is the most expensive, but if you are pressed for time, it would be the right option. DC fast chargers are available in some public charging stations. It can fill up to 80% of an electric car’s battery in around 30 to 60 minutes.


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