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Questions and answers

How do I apply for a driver's license? *

You can now apply to the Saudi Driving School - Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University (sds.pnu.edu.sa). Whereas more than 70 thousand applications have been submitted so far, according to the announcement of the school.


How do I know the traffic violations against my car?

You can access the traffic violation verification website (click here) and write the ID number and the number of violations will appear directly, if any.


How can I select the car that suits my daily business?

It depends on several matters, including the routes you take every day and the rate of use as well as the number of your family or those who will be in the car with you every day. It also depends on the budget amount you will allocate to buy a new car whereas car companies now have offers on small economic cars and SUV as well. We will show a video here soon explaining in detail the method of selection that suits your needs and the amount offered.