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Advisory Council

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made a number of historic decisions in this auspicious era, one of them is the Royal Decree to allow women driving. However, we at Al-Jabbr Trading Company, as dealers of KIA Motors, are very keen that our interaction should be up to our customers' aspirations and the great confidence received by KIA vehicles in the Saudi market; it was initially through surveys conducted to know what women want and to our surprise that women in Saudi Arabia are more rational and reasonable in buying cars and to the contrary to everyone's expectations that women choices of their cars will be more emotional. This led to the idea of consulting women through the direct dialogue with various segments of the society's women in different cities of the Kingdom to listen to their views and suggestions. However, thereafter we found that the stereotypical image of Saudi women, which some initially thought of at the time of the decision, is only a fantasy and that the women of the community enjoy a great deal of intelligence and knowledge of what they want from the car as an important means of transportation. Hence born the idea of establishing the Advisory Council to take advantage of this vital strategic aspect of information to build our plans to deal with this qualitative shift in Saudi society.

This Council will be the source of controlling of our ideas and decisions in all aspects related to the driving and choices of women, and will be the source of more initiatives that will be applied on the ground.


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١ رهف الجحدلي طالبة جامعية Rahaf_hussain@hotmail.com
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٦ ساره العطاس متخصصة منتجات Saraalattas11@gmail.com
٧ دلال الحسن مصممة ديكور في التلفزيون السعودي Dalaaal-30@hotmail.com
٩ رمال زاهد موظفة ادارية بمدينة الأمير سلطان للخدمات الإنسانية Remal.zahid@hotmail.com
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١٢ ميسون  الدهام مدير تنفيذي maysoonplatform@gmail.com
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