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After Sales Services for Fleet
Designed to Surprise

Spare Parts

Genuine Kia Spare Parts are subject to a number of tests to ensure that they meet high standards for everything from durability to environmental requirements. As a fleet customer you will enjoy
  • Priority in the provision of spare parts
  • Discounts! 30% off spare part costs for large fleet customers
  • Delivery! If you need a spare part we will deliver it straight to your door
  • More than 400 personnel dedicated to spare parts service for fleet customers

Priority Service & Support

  • As a fleet customer you have the opportunity to visit Korea and receive a personal invitation and plant tour
  • Your company receives priority treatment, whether it's for service, spare parts or support
  • Training courses! Your staff "mechanics and service personnel - will receive maintenance service courses from Kia-trained experts
  • Maintenance tools and equipment are provided especially for your in-house maintenance
  • Roadside Assistance "Call the special hotline number and service personnel will be sent out to assist you on the spot
  • 100 service centers "with dedicated bays for fleet customers
  • 750 employees "available to serve


Regular servicing ensures the long-term reliability and safety of your vehicle, which is why Kia specifies a Time and/or Distance Travelled interval for their warranty whichever comes first. This is because some parts are more affected by time than they are by distance travelled.
  • As a fleet customer you enjoy a 1-year or 20,000 km warranty on spare parts
  • Exclusive Fleet support bays are dedicated to servicing your vehicles

Authorized Fleet Service Centers

Supporting a growing network of service centers, AlJabr has created dedicated service centers for fleet customers. These centers are manned by Kia trained engineers and technicians with 750 personnel across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia available exclusively for you. These service centers are located in strategic towns and cities with plans underway to have even more centers in the near future. With fleet support so extensively provided, you'll always be on the go.