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Parking awareness

Raise awareness about never stand and take two positions at the same time with wrong parking and prohibit the next benefit later from using the extra parking

Traffic congestion

  • Warning of irregularities that cause the traffic congestion

  • Awareness of some of the behaviors that reduce traffic congestion on special occasions and holidays

Unmindful driving

Eating while driving one of the things that make the driver unmindful About what happening on the road and what might encounter the risk of

Accident awarness

Accident numbers are increasing and raise awareness of the danger of accidents

Rising awareness about the accident

Analogies in the numbers and mentioned concrete examples closer to the recipient Tweet

Wrong parking

  • Discussing the wrong parking with realistic examples in the community

  • Calling for respect to people with special needs and avoid standing in their parking

Get busy from driving

  • Interactive questions to raise awareness of the seriousness of using mobile phone while driving

  • Risk of Twittering or using text messages while driving it may cause a deadly dangers

  • The warning from the use of mobile phone while driving and reminding of traffic violation thereof

  • Competition #Nsouk_bdthuq to activate the participation and interaction with the awareness campaign with ideas about leadership in the vicinity of educational zones

  • Keeping up with updates through warning of distraction while driving games in general and especially the game of Pokemon

Lack of respecting the road

Awareness by asking an interactive question about throwing irregularities in the road