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Style That’s Iconic

This one’s for the trendsetters. The bold. The free.
The generation that will lead us to a stylish future.
One that values individual expression.

Check it out!

    • MAX POWER(HP/RPM) 95 PS and 100 PS /
      6,000 RPM
    • Warranty 5 Year Warranty and
      Roadside Assistance


    Experience Award-winning Design

    Each exterior element was carefully designed to make the new Stonic look its best from all angles. Its Crossover Design. And more!


    Enjoy Beauty + Function

    Looks that please the eye. Function that suits the need. The interior design of the new Stonic allows for both style and comfort. Important features are just one push away with its steering wheel with functional buttons. Need extra space? The rear seats are readily foldable at your convenience. These and more are waiting for you in the new KIA Stonic!


    Ride Out In Style

    Cruisin’ through the city with style is easy with the new Stonic. All you need are these features:


    Step Up In Life

    Because looks alone aren’t enough. Up the ante with the new Stonic–equipped with 1.4-litre engine for maximum performance and efficiency. The automatic variants are equipped with a 6-speed transmission. It’s the stylish and high-performance lifestyle upgrade that you’ve been looking for.


    Drive With Confidence

    The new Stonic doesn’t just let you ride out in style. It was also engineered so you can drive with peace of mind. Thanks to its key safety features!


    The Kia Stonic Style Edition