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Change the rules and go beyond

Change the rules and go beyond

The Grand Carnival takes you to a place where superior design and truly smart features combine with a deep understanding of your practical driving needs. It's a place where maximum luxury goes hand in hand with a respect for economy - a place where the exceptional meets the everyday.

    360° VR

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    • Max. Power (hp / rpm) 266.3 / 6,400
    • MAX. TORQUE (kgf.m/rpm) 32.4 / 5200


    Dynamic driving in an exciting world

    Effortlessly rise above the toughest demands on your driving skills in any urban landscape.
    The Grand Carnival enables you to assert absolute power over your driving environment.

    Live the luxury of freedom

    You yearn for the power to go anywhere, to live life to the fullest and to explore the limits of your potential.
    The Grand Carnival will take you there in outstanding comfort and style.

    Style that turns heads anywhere

    Style is all about delivering what is expected and then going beyond. It’s about leaving nothing to chance and paying absolute attention to every last detail and the finest craftsmanship. But, of course, it's also about arousing delight.


    Technology in the name of comfort

    The Grand Carnival is rooted in the understanding that technology must always deliver the ultimate driving experience by anticipating a driver’s needs.

    Introducing a new definition of space

    You and your passengers will finally discover that, however far you travel, it is possible to arrive at your destination even more energized than when you left.


    Extending interior space beyond expectation

    An abundance of space is key to creating an interior ambience that is truly relaxing. The cabin of the Grand Carnival was designed to achieve the ultimate realization of maximized space for you and your occupants' convenience and pleasure.

    Personalize your ride and arrive in style

    If you’re the kind of driver who likes your vehicle to reflect your personality, the Grand Carnival SXL Package is for you.
    Opt for sporty, stylish features like a distinctive radiator grill, 19" alloy wheels and chic wooden steering wheel.


    Experience the pleasure of driving

    Living life to the fullest is about enjoying everything you do and that includes driving. The Grand Carnival has arrived to make driving a truly satisfying part of how you fill each day with pleasure.

    Performance counts wherever you are headed

    Now you’ll always feel at home in your surroundings, whether it’s the great outdoors or the bustling city, thanks to the ideal combination of smart technology and intelligent design.


    Power and safety in harmony

    Peace of mind comes when safety is considered from every angle and pleasure arrives when power is combined with refinement and tranquility. The Grand Carnival offers advanced anti-collision features and a high strength chassis to deliver maximum safety.


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