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A Masterpiece of Our Time CADENZA

A Masterpiece of Our Time CADENZA

    360° VR

    Snow White Pearl Silky Silver Platinum Graphite Gravity Blue Aurora Black Pearl

    Snow White Pearl

    • Max. Power (hp / rpm) 280/6,400
    • Warranty 5 Years / 100,000 KM whichever is earlier


    Substance and beauty are deeply rooted in technology

    Behold a virtuoso among today’s sedans. Deploying smart technology,
    thrilling performance and undeniable allure that begins with a larger concave grille inspired by classic motorsport,
    the Kia Cadenza gives new meaning to modern luxury.

    Its athletic grace is palpable from a distance

    A sweeping profile. A contour line that flows from headlamp to taillamp.
    A longer wheelbase. And rear quarter glass that extends past the door.
    The lines say it all. This is a luxury sedan built for dynamic performance.

    A parting glimpse of automotive design perfection

    The Cadenza even knows how to make a dramatic exit. The broad, chrome accented deck lid and the
    taillights with a new LED signature convey stability and class, while the rear profile flows gracefully
    down to the subtle spoiler, offering a lasting impression of a sedan that stands out from the crowd.


    Clean, simple lines put the mind and the body at ease

    The interior of the Kia Cadenza sets a new standard for luxury with a cleaner,
    more elevated arrangement of instruments all around its upscale cabin.
    Its refined interior design and high-grade materials convey substance and tranquility.

    An expansive space where the journey becomes the reward

    With its top-of-the-range front seat headroom and rear legroom, high-quality interior trim, and upholstery choices like Nappa leather with supple quilting, the Cadenza’s spacious interior is both relaxing and inspiring.


    The romance begins and lasts long after the drive has ended

    Confidence and competence make for an invigorating drive. With its intelligent take
    on luxurious motoring, the Cadenza engages you long after you've parked it for the
    night. But there’s no need to worry as tomorrow is another day and another drive.

    Luxury is where function meets fascination

    The Kia Cadenza is available with a wealth of intriguing and useful features designed to enrich your life. Combining value, ingenuity and enjoyment, they add up to class-leading luxury.


    Leaner and meaner with smooth sophistication

    Quiet and fuel-efficient, the two engines available on the Cadenza offer bracing mid- and low-range torque. Each is teamed up with a state-of-the-art automatic transmission to offer rousing acceleration and remarkably smooth gear changes.


    Technology to the rescue with eyes all around you

    Like an extra set of eyes, DRIVE WiSE gives you vital information, including visual cues, to help you maneuver safely in almost any driving and parking situation.

    There’s nothing passive about our commitment to safety

    Thanks to the latest innovations in metals and adhesives, the Cadenza offers a ride that handles stress with grace, as well as a vastly improved safety cage that has been tested in countless crash simulations and actual collision tests.


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