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Where to charge an electric car?

“Public charging stations operate various levels of charging. Drivers can use either home and workplace charging that requires several hours to charge or fast chargers taking about 30 minutes.”

Charging at home

 You only need a plug and a socket to charge at home using level 1 charging. This is the most common and convenient way. Plug your vehicle into the charging point at night, and the next morning, your car is good to go! Drivers can also use level 2 charging by having a home charging station installed in a garage. Some home chargers offer various smart features such as energy monitoring and software updates as well if access to the internet available.


Charging at work

 A growing number of companies offer on-site workplace charging to their employees for sustainability purposes. The charging speed of most workplace chargers is as fast as home chargers. Drivers will find it highly convenient because they can charge up their vehicles parked outside their offices while working.


Charging at public charging stations

 Nowadays, more and more public charging stations are being installed. You can charge your vehicle while parking in places like an apartment building and public parking lot, supermarket, mall, and gym. Many public charging stations are free, while others, particularly DC fast chargers, require a fee. Many gas stations and highway services now also have charging points so you can use when on a long-distance journey or in emergencies. You can easily locate your nearest public charging stations using apps.


Level 1: Level 1 charging operates by plugging the charging cord into a 120-volt socket.  This is the slowest method of charging and can be useful when a vehicle is parked overnight or for quite a long time. Some home chargers operate this type of charging.


Level 2: Level 2 charging stations supply power through a 240 volt  and can be found in many dedicated home and public charging stations. Level 2 charging stations are ideal when a car is parked for a couple of hours. Owners of battery-electric cars generally install a level 2 charging station at home.


DC fast charging: DC fast charging uses direct current (DC), not alternating current (AC) that is used at home. This type of charging is ideal when the driver is on a long-distance trip or runs out of time. DC fast chargers are available in some public charging points.