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1. Promise you these benefits for your utmost satisfaction and convenience.

  • Family Like Care(FLC+)
    Multi-Point Inspection (MPI) – Kia provides MPI on a vehicle when you service your vehicle at a Kia authorised service centre at free of charge.
    Car Wash – A complimentary car wash will be provided for all vehicles upon completion of servicing at any authorised service centre.
    New Vehicle Handover – during vehicle handover, the consultant will introduce the new Kia owner to a Service Advisor and elaborate on the technical aspects of the vehicle.
  • Family Like Care(FLC+)
    Follow Up – Contacting the customer after service is critical to ensure their complete satisfaction and to differentiate Kia dealers service.
    Customer Lounge – If customers choose to wait for their vehicle to be serviced, a clean and comfortable lounge with ample amenities is essential to customer satisfaction.
    Parts Management ( SAP)- Using an automated SAP system to ensures the greatest efficiency and accuracy when ordering parts, as well as consistent parts availability.

2. Sales by Service

"Sales by service" program is focusing on providing an opportunity of test drives to customers by the only point of contact after the vehicle is sold, service