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Our purpose is to create more time for customers so that they can focus on what they feel inspired to do and aspired to do in life. Because time is limited, it is an important element for everyone.

The Kia brand addresses people with a progressive, optimistic and positive mindset.

Together, we create sustainable mobility solutions for customers, the community and the global society.

To learn more about our purpose and vision at Kia, watch the video below and check out our full Kia brand story.

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  • We can find a picture of our testimonial Joao, a member of our Ownership Experience department.

    “My commitment is to provide the latest technical and quality standards so that our customers can take the most out of their journey with us as a brand and are being inspired by all our technologies.”

    - Joao (Specialist Technical Support and Technical Author, Ownership Experience)

Always on the move

Since 1944, Kia has been moving the automotive industry worldwide. Together with our sister brand Hyundai we are the fifth-largest automotive company in the world. People drive our cars in about 180 countries.

Let’s talk about facts and figures for Europe:

Kia Europe is the European sales and manufacturing division of Kia Corporation – a globally recognized brand with a vision to create sustainable mobility solutions that inspire movement around the world. As a Sustainable Mobility Solutions Provider, Kia is spearheading the popularization of electrified and battery electric vehicles and developing a growing range of mobility services, encouraging people around the world to explore the best ways to travel.

Kia Europe, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, employs in total over 5,000 employees from 40 nationalities in 39 markets across Europe and the Caucasus. It also oversees European production at the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Zilina, Slovakia.

Kia’s innovative products continue to attract great acclaim, notably the EV6 battery electric vehicle becoming the first Korean car to be named European Car of the Year in 2022.

Our locations

Here you can find our Kia locations all over Europe. See where you can join us.

Different teams working together

In which of our teams and career opportunities do you see yourself in the future?

  • Business Strategy

    Our Business Strategy Group team’s mission is to focus on innovative mobility solutions that inspire our customers.

  • Sales

    Our Sales team’s mission is to drive sales, be the first point of contact for our markets and explore future opportunities.

  • Ownership Experience

    Our Ownership Experience team shapes new strategies and procedures to enhance our customers’ experience with Kia.

  • Channel

    Our channel team constantly improves the network and our products to offer the best possible mobility to our customers.

  • Marketing

    Our Marketing team engages with consumers through meaningful experiences with the Kia brand so that they become Kia customers.

  • Finance

    Our Finance team ensures financial stability for the business so that our ideas and innovations can be driven forward.

  • IT

    Our IT team supports the business strategy and our customers by developing and maintaining state-of-the-art IT and digital solutions.

  • Legal

    Our Legal team’s mission is to enable and promote business opportunities and to reduce risks in a national and pan-European context.

  • People & Organization

    Our P&O team’s mission is to establish a trust-based culture that inspires everyone to drive performance and innovation.

Ready to move with us?

We are ready to create the future of mobility together with you. Check out our job opportunities around Europe and #jointhemovement!

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