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table fix area
Overall length
Overall width
Overall height
Wheeltread (front)
Wheeltread (rear)
Overhang (front)
Overhang (rear)
Interior length
Interior width
Interior height
Leg room (front)
Leg room (rear)
Head room (front)
Head room (rear)
Shoulder room (front)
Shoulder room (rear)
Min. ground clearance


3,595 mm

1,595 mm

1,490 mm

2,385 mm

1,409 mm

1,412 mm

700 mm

510 mm

1,729 mm

1,335 mm

1,247 mm

1,070 mm

820 mm

1,002 mm

962 mm

1,290 mm

1,280 mm

152 mm

  • All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
    Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.