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Dear Visitor,


With the advent of new technology, Internet today has become an extremely powerful source of communication. We, at Al Mutawa Group consider it a tradition to deliver the expectations of our valued customers and the business partners alike.

KIA has been the fastest growing automotive brand in the world during the past few years. The large number of KIA vehicles that are being added to the local road network is testimony to our overwhelming success as the authorized distributor of KIA Brand in Kuwait.

KIA Motors has embarked on an ambitious project called the KIA Dealer Excellence Programme under which every aspect of the business and operations is bound to follow KIA’s own global standards.

Responding to change and taking timely decisions has been the foundation on which the success of our company has been built over the past 64 years.

We have not only refurbished and expanded our existing facilities but are also in the process of adding new facilities and bringing in internal changes that are necessary in providing a better service to our valued customers.

I sincerely hope that our new website will not only become a source of providing information about our company and products, but more importantly, a platform through which we and our valued customers can communicate with each other.

While thanking you for visiting our website, let me re-assure you that it will continue to be our steadfast commitment to provide you with products of the highest quality and an unparalleled level of customer service.

Yours sincerely

Ahmed Al Mutawa