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What is a compact SUV?

“A compact SUV refers to small SUVs that are usually larger than subcompact SUVs, but smaller than midsize SUVs.”

A compact SUV, sitting between a midsize SUV and a sub-compact SUV, is basically a small SUV vehicle. Small yet athletic, compact SUVs are considered one of the most popular car types these days. Since they are compact in size, the vehicles convey a playful and friendly nature. Thanks to their adorable appearance and better gas mileage, compact SUVs have seen a steep rise in sales amid a gloomy outlook in the global automotive industry. 


Almost all compact SUVs have a unibody design, which is also called a monocoque, meaning "singular housing" and implying that the vehicle has a seamless chassis and body as one connected piece. For that reason, compact SUVs work well for most driving conditions. The unibody frame allows for a car's weight to be lighter. Thus, making them more fuel efficient. Furthermore, since the unibody has a lower center of gravity, compact SUVs with that frame are less prone to rollovers and offer a smoother ride.


While a compact SUV often provides as much storage as a midsize SUV and a full-size SUV, a smaller subcompact SUV might not offer extra room or the same ride quality. However, a subcompact SUV can still appeal to singles and couples who prefer better fuel economy over a ton of cargo room. A compact SUV, on the other hand, can be the right fit for families who look for both practicality and comfort, as it offers a generous interior space along with an upscale, comfortable cabin with plenty of room for passengers and cargo alike. 


Fuel Economy

Like all small sedans and hatchbacks, compact SUVs, especially those equipped with hybrid and plug-in hybrid abilities, are generally known to have notably better gas mileage. Kia Seltos, a subcompact SUV, stands out for its plentiful cargo room and roomy passenger space as well as great fuel efficiency, making it one of the best subcompact SUVs on the market. To check which compact SUV model scores best in fuel efficiency, you might want to look into hybrid models that come with a turbocharged engine and an electric motor. This setup allows you to enjoy the benefits that range from smooth acceleration to excellent fuel efficiency.


Smooth Handling

Many compact SUVs of today are known for their nimble handling and powerful performance that is on par with that of a medium or large-size sedan, adding to a lively ride. Offering smooth handling and a comfortable ride, Kia Sportage lives up to its name, which is a combination of the word "sport" and the suffix "-age". This playful compact SUV allows for comfortable and calm handling, even when you drive around twisting roads and curves. In short, compact SUVs, thanks to their unibody design, offer car-like handling, along with a high seating position that gives you a commanding view of the road ahead.


Attractive Design

If you are looking for a cute and fun city vehicle, then a compact or subcompact SUV may be best suited for you. Ironically, those compact and subcompact SUVs set themselves apart from their larger counterparts by being small, mostly appealing to young buyers. The smaller SUVs get, the more aggressive their styling tends to become. For instance, the Kia Seltos has caught a lot of attention since its release in the U.S. for its contemporary and stylish design and excellent technology. Being slightly smaller than the Kia Sportage, the Kia Seltos offers fun styling, a smooth ride, and a spacious interior in one package.


Commanding View Of Its Surroundings

What might be the effects of a high seating position? For one, you obtain a clear view of your surroundings, thus making you feel safer and more confident while on the road. Some compact SUVs provide the boxy design of a traditional SUV, as well as a high driving position, giving you a great view and a sense of security. Despite their high riding body, compact SUVs are more fun to drive than larger SUVs and look more sporty. A compact SUV also has plenty of room for up to four to five adults, making it a comfortable and useful way to get around.