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Is a head-up display worth it?

“Head-up displays help you stay informed while keeping you focused on the road ahead. You can set what information to be displayed on the windshield. It is useful for multitasking because it allows you to check speed and direction at a glance.”

Here, we go into the positives and drawbacks of using a HUD, the pros and cons. Hopefully, this can relieve the burden of thinking you need to make a decision regarding HUD.



· It allows you to keep your eyes on the road at all times. We are all guilty of being distracted while driving. You will glance away from the road when you are checking for directions, the speed, etc. That's where HUD comes in handy. You can see all of the information you need in your line of sight. So it's truly convenient and useful in that regard.                   

· It can alert you and prevent a possible crash. If you turn on the Lane Departure Warning, for instance, HUD is going to graphically show you the lane status and help keep you in your lane, so that you don't cross from one side onto the next.

· You can follow navigation instructions more naturally. As HUD paints and highlights virtual paths onto the road, it is far easier for a driver to follow the directions. It can also add markers and visible signs on the road, making your driving experience more safe, dynamic, and exciting.



· It can be yet another distraction for the driver. When there is an overload of information on your windshield, your eyes may wander to take it all in. You may prefer a clutter-free windshield as all the information can get in the way of your sight.