We are planning to share the latest digital trend, benchmarking cases and new contents made in each department on a quarterly basis.
We hope these can be helpful for your marketing activities.

If the access to YouTube is restricted, check out various videos with mobile QR code recognition.

Digital Trend

According to the study, consumers spend 8.8 hours a day, on average, engaging with digital content.
This increases by two or more hours with the younger generations: 11.4 hours for Gen Z and 10.9 hours for Millennials, on average.
(As of 2018 in the US / Adobe Consumer Content Survey)
The proliferation of various content formats (i.e., video, social, memes, etc.) is behind the growth in digital content consumption.

As such services as Netflix, Amazon and Airbnb are becoming common, consumers’ expectation on contents is increasing,
so poor quality contents or poor designs are neglected by consumers.
There is an interesting survey that brand channels with video contents have consumers stay longer.
However, low video resolution or slow loading makes them leave the channels right away.
As the contents consumption is increasing, it is important to enable consumers to experience
high quality contents at right places that they want.

Another important trend is that new contents consumption types appear and grow rapidly due to emerging technology.

At I/O developer’s conference in May, Google announced that it was bringing a new feature to its search results: Augmented Reality(AR) models, which allows users to take a look as a 3D image of a search result.

When a person searches 'Sharks', reading the text of ‘sharks grow up to 6 meters’ and checking the life-sized
sharks at the scene are totally different experiences! If AR is adopted to the search feature,
the actual size of the shark is overlapped in the actual space. (Now the feature is partially available)
Check the video beside. It can be used actively for many fields such as medical field and shopping in the future.

In addition to the newly adopted AR search, new contents searching types such as voice/visual search have being
settled in our lives.
Even though the technology isn’t perfect yet, it will be getting elaborate through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The first is ‘voice search’. The voice search is leading significant behavior patterns of consumers due to the advent of Voice Assistant such as Shiri and Bixby of smartphones, and smart speakers such as Google Home, Amazon Echo. As much as 20% of Google’s mobile search is voice search, and such institutions as Gardner and Comscore expect this tendency will continue, being expanded up to 50%.

voice search

'The second is ‘visual search’.
As the GenZ and Millennial generations aspire more visualizing and intuitive consumption, the visual search is growing. Each month, Pinterest has over 600 billion views of visual search. In October of last year, Snapchat, which is a mobile messenger of the US, and Amazon, which is the largest online distribution company, announced their partnership through visual search.

As the image beside, when a consumer takes a photo of specific object through Snapchat application, Amazon shows its product’s name, Thumbnail, reviews and inventory status to the consumer for instant consumption. This is a case of connecting new customer experience and sales, whose performance is worthy of notice.

Content Share

New Content from Global Customer Experience Division

Cultural marketing with Black Pink and ITZY - Kia on Beat (Brand Communication Team)

Contents of Telluride, a car that has all the attention (Global Communication Team)

New Content from Other Division

R&D Story that actual developers introduce new vehicle (R&D Technology Planning Team)
Developer's interview videos of Telluride(ON) and Soul(SK3) were created, and they can be used at all media globally.

R&D Story Video - Telluride(ON)
R&D Story Video ? Soul(SK3)
Category Contents Responsible teams Videos Video link
New vehicle launching Soul(SK3) launching campaign video Global Communication Team Soul(SK3) launching campaign video
New vehicle launching Soul(SK3) design video Global Communication Team Soul(SK3) design video
Sponsorship UEFA Europa League Trophy Tour video Global Communication Team UEFA Europa League Trophy Tour video
Sponsorship UEFA Europa League episode video Global Communication Team UEFA Europa League episode video
Cultural marketing Kia Soul x BLACKPINK Brand Communication Team Kia Soul x BLACKPINK

You can watch more videos at Kia Motors Worldwide channel.

Kia Motors Worldwide QR code Youtube View the video >

Digital Study

Digital Content Benchmarking Cases ? Ford / Mercedes-Benz

They make accessory related contents and upload on the brand channel for constant consumption of the contents about genuine accessory.

'Tips for Additional Selection of Content Topics
- How to identify consumer needs using keyword analytics tools

First, the most easily accessible tool is Google Trends.

Google Trends (free of charge)
Let’s research Telluride, which gathers the roaring attention in the US. Type desired search words, and choose country/period.
We typed Telluride and Kia Telluride along with Palisade for comparison. It is identified that the volume of search is greatly increasing from February, when Telluride was released to the market.
The comparative search is available up to 5, so it will be helpful to compare with models of other companies.

Google Trend

It is helpful to view popular key words and soaring keywords in order to find out what customers want and are interested in.
As shown below, you can identify up to 25 Rising/Top keywords. Let’s see the keywords related to Kia Telluride.

Google Trend

Second, it is Moz, a major tool for search engine optimization.

Moz (charged, 1-month free trial available)
More specific keyword suggestion than Google Trend and consumer question type search are available.
You can create ID, and free trial for 1 month is available.
If you logged in, click Moz Pro > Keyword Explorer for the image below.
Type keywords, and choose the condition at the location setting. You can find out frequently searched keywrods and asked questions.
Let’s check consumer interest keywords about Sportage in US.

Google Trend

In addition, there are various charged tools as shown below, so acquire hints about the contents topic.