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Wireless software update

OTA Software Update

Revitalize your Kia with updates that make it feel like new!

OTA Software Updates

Stay on top of your Kia with wireless software updates. Add new features, fix bugs, and enjoy a more convenient on-the-go experience. Just sit back and let the updates come to you. Keep your Kia running like new, always.

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    What is OTA Software update?

    Wireless Software Update is a technology that helps to keep Kia cars up-to-date with the latest advancements. In compatible models, this technology updates software that controls key vehicle functions, such as the powertrain, steering, suspension, electric motor, battery, airbags, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). This helps to improve their performance and reliability, allowing drivers to enjoy their Kia like it's a brand new car.

Benefits to Customer

  • Experience the Feeling of Owning
    a New Car

    Always feel like you're driving a new car with updated functions and features.

  • Save Time and Money

    Save time and money by avoiding visits to service centers or dealerships and quickly resolving some software issues or recalls through updates.

How to Update Your Kia's Software Wirelessly


1. If the battery has been attached or detached in the past, follow these steps before starting the update process:
a. Turn off the engine.
b. Disconnect any electronic device, such as a black box, installed after shipped.
c. Park the vehicle for more than 4 hours and try the updates.

2. If any device is connected to your Kia's OBD(On Board Diagnostics) at the bottom of the driver's seat, follow these steps to start the wireless download:
a. Disconnect the device and start engine to download updates.
b. Drive the vehicle for more than 30 minutes and stop engine to install updates.
c. Do not connect any device to the OBD during the wireless update.

3. During the update process, the vehicle cannot be operated, and all functions, including electric vehicle high-voltage battery charging and V2L* function, cannot be used for up to 100 minutes.

* V2L: V2L stands for Vehicle-to-Load, which is a bi-directional charging system in electric vehicles.



<br>Step 1. Ready for Update

Step 1. Ready for Update

Your Kia's latest software version will be automatically downloaded while you drive if it's available. Once the download is complete and the engine is off, you can start the update by following the instructions displayed on the infotainment screen. Please note that the update items and starting time may differ based on your current software version.

<br>Step 2. Progress of the Update

Step 2. Progress of the Update

You can check the progress of the update on your Kia's infotainment screen. * During the update process, you won't be able to operate your vehicle. Make sure you have enough time before starting the update.

<br>Step 3. Update Complete

Step 3. Update Complete

Once the update is finished, you can check it by scanning the QR code on the infotainment screen or through the Kia Connect app.

Latest Software Updates

Manual Download

    Check the manual for instructions on how to
    perform a wireless software update.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the FAQ´s below

As of September 2023, only the EV9 model with Kia Connect activated can receive wireless software updates for controller software. However, more models are expected to be added in the future.

Wireless software updates can be used for recall/free repair campaigns and product improvement, and various functions such as driving and braking systems, electric vehicle charging control, chassis, driver's seat posture memory system, and wireless charging system can be improved. However, the specific details may vary depending on the model, trim, and region. Please note that Kia Connect activation is required for OTA Updates.

Yes, wireless software update service is provided for Kia Connect service subscribers. After the Kia Connect free trial period has elapsed, a paid subscription is required to use wireless software updates.

The wireless software update is automatically downloaded while driving, and after the download is complete and the engine is turned off, a confirmation window appears on the infotainment screen. The update can either be done immediately or postponed.

To perform wireless software updates, the vehicle must meet the following requirements:
• The vehicle must be turned off
• The gear must be in the 'P (Park)' position
• The Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) must be applied
• The exterior lights must be turned off
• The hood must be closed
• The battery must be sufficiently charged
• The essential functions of the controller being updated should not be in use

The update progress can be checked through the infotainment screen by tapping the ‘Start’ button.

No, you cannot drive the vehicle during a wireless software update. It's important to ensure you have enough time to complete the update without needing to use the vehicle.