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EV3 header Visual
power to move millions - Kia EV3
  • Robust and purposeful character with a dynamic silhouette

  • Practical and flexible interior that maximizes space

  • Sliding Table Console with clever storage solutions

  • Sustainable Materials (Recycled and Biomaterials)


        Vehicle Usage

        Vehicle maintenance and vehicle control ("Ex. Can you set the temperature to 18℃?")


        Travel : 

        Navigation and POI information ("Ex. Can you recommend a good cafe nearby?")


        Entertainment :

        Games, music recommendations and commands​ ("Ex. Can you recommend some romantic jazz?")


          Mobility :

          Mobile device SYNC, public transportation information​ ("Ex. Can you tell me which airline flight from Paris to Seoul arrives today at noon?")


          Knowledge :

          Knowledge search​, Daily Chat  ( "Ex. Can you recommend something fun to do this weekend?" )


      600 km all-electric range 


      81.4kWh battery capacity and an aero-dynamic design with 3D undercover 



      i-Pedal 3.0


      One pedal driving that adjusts the level of regenerative braking according to your preference to maximize energy efficiency and reduce driving fatigue on long drives.

The Kia EV3. A moving power.