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Kia Commercial Vehicles

  • Kia Commercial Fleet

Welcome to Kia Fleet - we offers a wide range of fleet solutions, which can be tailored to your unique business requirements. Our goal is to help you find a car that's fit for purpose and equipped with the latest comfort and safety features. To find out how Kia can drive you forward, contact our fleet team today!

Ceed Commercial From €25,275

The Ceed Van combines assured athletic design paired with innovative technology that is designed around the driver. A simple conversion turns the Ceed into a Ceed van which is an ideal solution for all your business needs.

  • Load Area Capacity

    1291 litres

  • Load Floor Depth


  • Load Floor Width


Ceed Commercial Load Area
Ceed Commercial Rear
Ceed Commercial Interior

Sportage Commercial From €29,495

The Sportage Van offers everything that you would expect from an SUV and its high specification will ensure that it is the smart business solution.

  • Load Area Capacity

    1480 litres

  • Load Floor Depth


  • Load Floor Width


Sportage Commercial Load Area
Sportage Commercial Rear
Sportage Commercial Interior
Sorento Commercial Range

Sorento Commercial From €38,790

The Sorento Van offers striking design, cutting edge technology and commitment to quality that can only enhance your business.

  • Load Area Capacity

    1662 litres

  • Load Floor Depth


  • Load Floor Width


Sorento Commercial Load Area
Sorento Commercial Rear
Sorento Commercial Interior
  • Quality Redefined

    We can talk about quality because we really make it happen. Constantly evolving quality standards and controls accompany Kia cars through development, production and your ownership. That’s why we’re the only manufacturer to offer a 7-year/150,000 km warranty in Europe on brand new cars. Only very few items don’t enjoy this generous offer. By redefining quality, we make your Kia an outstanding experience every day, and ensure that when you come to look at a used Kia, you can be sure of a reliable vehicle.