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Dooley Motors Kia Carlow

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  • Surprise is the shadow of what's next.

    Behind every car is a world of imagination and innovation. Bursting with energy, constantly moving and evolving to create breathtaking solutions. Just like a shadow that never ceases to surprise you. Find it all captured here, in kia’s latest concept car. It’s proof that we are fast-forwarding to an all-new chapter. Ambassador of stunning future ideas. The kia GT.

  • Kia GT concept
  • Pure inspiration

    Design is instinctive. It takes you to the most ravishing places in your mind. With the GT, the journey is full of twists and turns, exhilaration meets acceleration, joie de vivre translates into effortless cruising. It’s time for a powerful experience. Meet the GT concept car, kia’s new four-door sports sedan.

  • Pure ambition

    The first kia concept car with rear-wheel drive, the GT is a true driver’s car. This majestic four-seater carries all the hallmarks of a sports sedan: short front overhang, extended bonnet, long wheelbase and set-back cabin position. The gt’s muscular proportions are met by a sophisticated and elegant interior, drawing inspiration from both the past and the future to create a cutting-edge piece of kia engineering. The clean surface treatment, carbon-fibre elements and the sleek side rear-view cameras are designed to optimise the aerodynamic characteristics of the GT. Chief design officer peter schreyer says: “which ever way You look at it, this concept car is roaring with energy, ready for take-off.”

  • Pure excellence

    A lazy day by the sea, the smell of black coffee, the feel of a luxurious leather briefcase, the ticking of a precision watch ... You’ll find the GT is full of clues like these. The sophisticated interior combines effortless minimalism with exuberance. Like the carefully layered dashboard which houses the instrument cluster with transparent organic LED technology. It unites a myriad of features using fewer dials and switches. Even the seemingly floating seats are the result of meticulous craftsmanship and innovative thinking.