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  • Kia DriveWise Technology

    Hassle-free, delightful driving

  • Introducing DriveWise - Kia’s autonomous driving and parking assistance technologies. This new platform is enabling us to introduce intelligent safety innovations to our range over the coming years, helping to eliminate many of the inherent dangers and stresses of driving on today’s congested roads, while changing the ways in which you interact with your Kia. For you this means: improved on-road safety and hassle-free, delightful driving.

DriveWise technologies

  • Developed as part of efforts to improve safety, DriveWise is designed to help all the drivers enjoy driving and live life to the fullest by providing a better level of security and driving pleasure. Discover below the key features that make your car smarter and safer.

Driving Assist

  • Intelligent Front Lighting System

    The Intelligent front lighting system senses the vehicles around your car and automatically controls the high beam function to provide the best possible visibility – crucially, without blinding other road users.

  • Highway Driving with Lane Change Assist

    Highway driving with lane change assist helps maintain a set distance & speed from the vehicle ahead, while also assisting with lane changes while driving on motorways. Simply hold the steering wheel, engage the turning signal and your Kia will move automatically to the desired lane, if it's safe to do so.

  • Blind-Spot Collision Avoidance Assist

    Eliminate areas you can't see with Blind-spot collision avoidance assist. This smart technology monitors blind spots and visually alerts you in the side-view mirror if another vehicle enters your blind spot. When the system detects a risk of collision, it automatically assists you with braking and turning.

  • Blind View Monitor

    When changing lane, the blind view monitor is activated and visible on the digital cluster when you turn your indicator on.. It helps you see what happens in your blind spots and makes sure you're safe before turning.

  • Rear Cross-traffic Collision-avoidance Assist (RCCA)

    You'll have no nasty surprises when backing out of a parking space or driveway. The RCCA system warns you if cars or pedestrians are crossing behind you, and if there's a risk of a collision, the system automatically brakes.

  • Navigation-Based Smart Cruise Control

    The Navigation-based smart cruise control is a feature that keeps you safe when driving into a curve. Before entering, the car slows down to a safe speed, based on the information from the navigation system. The system also uses machine learning technology and can replicate the way you're driving when it's activated. After the curve, the car returns to the pre-set speed.

  • Forward Collision Avoidance Assist Junction Turning (FCA)*

    React faster! Evaluating both camera and radar data from your Kia, this system analyses information about other cars, pedestrians or cyclists crossing the road ahead - and activates a warning signal and braking to help avoid a potential collision with them.

Parking Assist

  • Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA)

    Need to get out of or into a tight parking space? No worries. With the RSPA system, you can either move the car out of a tight space, park your car or get assistance with parallel or perpendicular parking. All from your key fob. If anything appears in the car's path, it will break until the detected object moves.

  • Surround View Monitor (SVM)

    Get a 360° 3D view of the space around your Kia as you park, or when moving at speeds below 10 km/h - thanks to four wide-angle images from cameras at the rear, front and sides.

Package features, names, and functions will differ according to region and vehicle type.
*The Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) is an assistance system and does not relieve the driver from his/her responsibility to safely operate the vehicle at any time. The driver still has to adapt his/her driving behaviour to his/her personal driving capabilities, to the legal requirements and to the overall road and traffic conditions. FCA is not designed to drive the vehicle autonomously. For further information, please refer to the owner’s manual.