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7-year warranty

  • Service advisor explaining the 7-year warranty to a customer

    7-year warranty

    The best coverage for your car

So how can we offer such unbeatable warranty?

The 7-year new car warranty clearly demonstrates our trust and confidence in the production quality of our manufacturing operations around the world. This new confidence in the quality of our products and the high productivity in the Kia factories means we can pass this confidence on to you.

7 years, at no extra cost. This means 2,555 days or 150,000 kms of trouble-free motoring and a lower cost of maintenance. This peace-of-mind provided by the 7-year warranty makes it a lot easier to own a car. What’s more, the car warranty is transferable to future owners, maintaining your vehicle’s value and making it highly attractive for reselling.

  • Car with 7-year warranty sign

    7 Years

    The 7-year Kia warranty isn’t just the longest in Europe; we believe it’s also the best in Europe. Every one of our models is covered with a 7-year bumper to bumper manufacturer’s warranty. Only very few items don’t enjoy this generous offer. There is no hidden small print or nasty surprises. So peace-of-mind now comes as standard with Kia.

  • Kia customer and service advisor

    7 years is Europe’s longest

    Of all the car companies in Europe, Kia is the only one confident enough in its build quality to cover every single one of its cars with an industry leading 7-year warranty.

What's the catch

There is no catch, it’s just like a 3 year warranty, but longer! For details, please see our terms & exclusions.

How can we help you?

Please refer to your Warranty Information and Service Record booklet for details
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*Kia 7-year/150,000 new car warranty
Valid in all EU member states (plus Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Gibraltar), subject to local terms and conditions.
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