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What happens if I put too much oil in my car?

“Too much oil can damage your engine. If you notice an overfill of oil, the excess should be drained out of the engine. Therefore, we recommend checking your dipstick regularly.”

1) Oil leakage 

2) The burning smell of engine oil

3) Smoke coming from the engine 

4) Smoke releasing from the exhaust tailpipe 

5) Engine making strange noises

If you notice any of the symptoms stated above while behind the wheel, you need to check your engine oil. For an accurate check, make sure to park your car on flat ground after driving around for a few minutes. A warmed-up engine will help you read the dipstick. First, turn off the engine and open the hood of your car to find the dipstick. Pull the dipstick out of the engine and wipe off any oil. Then insert the dipstick back in. Pull it out after a few seconds and look at the dipstick to see how high the oil film reaches. Your dipstick has indicators, F (Full) and L (Low), and the oil level should be between each marking. Be sure not to put too much engine oil in your car since it may damage the engine.

If you detect an oil overfill, switch off the engine in a safe spot, then remove the excess oil from your engine. By using a suction pump, you can draw out the excess oil from the cap access point or the dipstick tube. Or you can quickly release all of the oil by loosening the drain plug or oil filter. It is best to check the dipstick regularly to see if the oil is at the right amount.