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A Dream Car For Rational People

A Dream Car For Rational People

Are you torn between exciting, provocative cars that you’ve dreamt about from an early age and sensible cars that are a better fit for your everyday life? Rarely has a new car brought both of these extremes together so seamlessly. The Stinger is a car you can dream about all night, then hop into every morning for a drive that is sure to wake up your senses.

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    Classic Spirit Tuned For Modern Times

    Kia's first-ever rear-wheel-drive sports sedan, the turbocharged Stinger, is a five-door fastback that echoes the style and substance of gran turismo legends with its long hood, muscular haunches and stylish spoked wheels, along with serious gamechanging performance figures. The Stinger offers an extended wheelbase for maximum cabin space, optional all-wheel-drive, and driver assistance and entertainment technologies unimaginable during the glory days of muscle cars.

    One Spirit Three Faces

    Every Kia Stinger artfully captures the most desired elements of classic motoring in a five-door sports sedan designed to excel in the real world. From the graceful EX, to the invigorating GT Line, to the exhilarating GT, every Stinger offers driving enjoyment, a spacious interior and forward-thinking technology. Exclusive GT Line and GT exterior trim elements, interior options and performance features give these versions an especially unique personality.

    Performance-Based Sensations

    Performance sedans have an illustrious rear-wheel drive history. Apply the latest technologies and materials to this tradition, and the result is a remarkably responsive, dynamic and rewarding driving experience. The Stinger reflects a deep commitment to capturing the distinctive feel of classic sport sedans. Take a long, meandering ride in the Stinger and see how the right balance of passion and technology can reinvigorate your daily drive.


    Classic Simplicity for Passionate Drivers

    From the low-slung driver's seat to intriguing details like the circular, aircraft-inspired air vents, Stinger’s cockpit design draws heavily on classic sport sedans. Crucial information appears on a tidy supervision cluster flanked by the chometer and speedometer, as well as through the optional Head-Up Display on the windshield. Secondary information appears on an optional 8-inch "floating" navigation display.

    Where Personal Space is Paramount

    Inside, the Stinger feels sporty, substantial and uncluttered. It's also spacious, particularly in the rear, thanks to its long wheelbase. Interior treatments include soft, luxurious Nappa leather seats on the GT version, while all models feature firm front and rear seats and bolsters.


    A World of Possibilities

    The Stinger puts your life in motion in countless new ways. Its fivedoor fastback layout with 406 liters of cargo capacity means there's plenty of easily accessible space to bring along everything you'll need, even for a long road trip. The rear hatch lifts to reveal a broad opening, making it easier to load wide objects or arrange cargo. The rear seatbacks split and fold 60:40, giving you several options for accommodating longer items.

    Confidence Grounded In Physics

    True Character Unfolds On Wide-Open Roads


    Supportive But not Overbearing

    The Stinger offers substantial stability management for a sports sedan, while giving the driver more choices as to how much or how little control to leave to the ECU. Drivers can choose from five drive modes, each with its own coordinated combination of dynamic characteristics. There is even a Launch Control mode that momentarily suspends ESC to ensure rapid acceleration with minimal wheel slip and maximum torque control.

    Passion is Back with a Vengeance

    To many enthusiasts, the true spirit of gran turismo driving seems to have been lost to the sands of time. Not anymore. From its very inception, the development of the Stinger has always been about passion. For the engineers who took it from the sketchpad to the hairpin turns at Nurburgring, and drivers everywhere with a passion for exhilarating performance, hope has come roaring back. Get ready for the dynamic and provocative Stinger, which promises a driving experience that is more powerful, more agile and more practical than any Kia to date.

    Face The Future Inspired By the Past


    The Science of Protection

    Safety is an integral part of any vehicle’s performance, and the Stinger is engineered to prioritize driver and passenger protection above all else. Occupant protection is built into every aspect of the chassis and body, and was taken into account by Kia engineers as they optimized aerodynamics, performance, ride smoothness, and everything else that goes into creating an exceptional vehicle. The result is a thrilling five-door fastback sedan designed to offer an exceptional level of safety.
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