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A Gift of True Innovation

    360° VR



    • STARTING FROM HK$129,880
    • DISPLACEMENT UP TO 1,999cc
    • MAX POWER(PS/RPM) 152PS/6,200RPM
    • WARRANTY 5YEARS/150,000KM


    Add a dose of extraordinary to your life

    Add a dose of extraordinary to your life

    Perhaps you never thought innovation, technical excellence and exceptional style could all come together in an affordable passenger car. But finally, they do.
    Let the new Cerato take you places you’ve only imagined.
    Aesthetic appeal that makes time stand still

    Aesthetic appeal that makes time stand still

    Redefining the very best in automobile design, the new Cerato’s bold,
    coupé-like proportions and eye-catching lines and curves exude brisk acceleration and effortless fluidity of motion.
    A driving experience that stirs your emotions

    A driving experience that stirs your emotions

    Combine beautiful exterior styling with superb performance and power, and the thrill of driving truly comes alive.
    Whether you’re navigating through tight corners, accelerating on highways or braking in sudden stop situations, the new Cerato instinctively responds to your commands.


    Comfortable surroundings —
365 days a year

    Comfortable surroundings —
    365 days a year

    An advanced climate control system means you and your passengers can relax on every journey, all year round. Reassuring comfort on cold days, while automatic air conditioning and an air-ventilated driver’s seat keep you cool when the
    temperature rises. An auto defog system activates by itself when condensation is detected on the windshield glass, and a cluster ionizer ensures air flowing into the car is clean and odor-free.
    Spacious sophistication

    Spacious sophistication

    By lengthening the wheelbase and completely rethinking the use of space, every occupant will enjoy new Cerato’s roomy interior. Soft-touch materials, artificial leather trim and carbon pattern embossing are among the finishing touches that give the entire cabin a high-quality, modern feel.


    Life's choices can be hard to make

    Cerato is packed with the latest technology, safety and convenience features while delivering a level of drivability and economy that is sure to satisfy your every desire.


    Engineered for you and the environment

    The more powerful Nu 2.0 MPi features Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing (D-CVVT) and electronic fuel injection, while lightweight aluminum construction ensures superb fuel economy. Low emissions mean less harm to the environment, while gear shifting is smooth and precise thanks to meticulously engineered automatic transmissions.


    Body shell

    Featuring a collision dispersal structure that diffuses forces upon impact, the new Cerato’s body shell is sturdy and intelligent at the same time.
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