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Service & Care

In order to maintain the performance of your Kia, it is really important to make sure your Kia is serviced according to the scheduled service intervals. We will carry out all of the necessary service and maintenance for your Kia with one of our trained technicians. You can be assured that our technicians will only use Kia Genuine Parts while carrying out any service or maintenance requirements. Servicing at us will not only safeguard your vehicle’s performance, but will also enhance the resale value of your vehicle by having a full Kia service history.

You are responsible for properly operating and maintaining your Kia Vehicle in accordance with the instructions described in your Owner's Manual. If your vehicle is used under severe driving conditions, you should follow the maintenance requirements described in your Owner's Manual for severe driving conditions.
Maintenance Records
You should retain maintenance records since it may be necessary, in some instances, for you to show that the required maintenance has been performed. Keep all receipts and make them available in case questions arise about maintenance.