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  • The new Ceed family.
    Connectivity that inspires.

Three new ways to fuel your creativity.

We believe connectivity is the catalyst of inspiration. It takes us to new places and moves our ideas forward.

To demonstrate this, we recently teamed up with five artists to create a large-scale chain reaction which links the artists to one another sequentially, while showcasing their unique talents. And it was only made possible thanks to the best-in-class connectivity features of the Ceed family – a range of three cars featuring the new Ceed, ProCeed and Ceed Sportswagon Plug-in Hybrid.

Because when different ideas are connected, they end up creating something the world has never seen. Something unique. But most importantly: something that inspires.

Meet our creators.

Five artists inspired by the Ceed family.

  • Zoe Bradley

    Zoe Bradley

    Designer, Zoe Bradley, applies her highly crafted paper sculptures to almost anything that surrounds her. Specialized in floral-based showpieces, she constantly finds new ways to inspire the world in a beautiful way.

  • Angèle Methangkool

    Angèle Methangkool

    Angèle Methangkool is a contemporary dancer who unites the worlds of dance and visual art. Using various mediums as her canvas and her own body as a paintbrush, Angèle pursues different ways to bring her unique artworks to life.

  • Francesco Lipari

    Francesco Lipari

    Sustainably aware landscape architect, Francesco Lipari, connects architecture with current urban conditions. He believes in the importance of constantly readjusting to nature and providing people with new choices of living.

  • Manuel Bechter

    Manuel Bechter

    Manuel Bechter is a creative photographer known for his camera trickery and vibrant style. Using elements such as water, fire, light, optical illusions and other special effects, his goal is to inspire people all over the world.

  • Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda

    Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda

    Daniel and Anna are two situation artists from Spain who constantly look for new ideas to create art which plays with their surroundings. The duo endlessly showcase their visual sense of humor and creativity within urban landscapes.

The new Ceed family.

  • ProCeed

    Where tech meets style.

  • Ceed

    A compact mild-hybrid.

  • Ceed Sportswagon Plug-in Hybrid

    With an electric drive of up to 57km.