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7-year warranty

  • Many things can happen in 7 years

Many things can happen in 7 years

7 years is long enough for even the biggest dreams to come true. Whatever your ambitions may be, we’ll be with you all the way. With quality that’s been tested under extreme conditions. 



    We can talk about quality because we really make it happen. Constantly evolving quality standards and controls accompany Kia cars through development, production and your ownership. That’s why we’re the only manufacturer to offer a 7-year/150,000 km warranty in Europe. Only very few items don’t enjoy this generous offer. By redefining quality, we make your Kia an outstanding experience every day.

    For warranty details, please check out frequently asked questions and Warranty Booklet .

The 7 Year Warranty in detail

Driven 27 times around the world

  • Tested to the limits

    Before it was launched, the new Kia Sorento was driven under the most extreme conditions for more than 1.1 million kilometres – the equivalent of going 27 times around the world. It’s a great example of our dedication to quality. All new Kia cars are verified by our Global Quality Centre against four key criteria.

Our quality criteria:

  • Driving Comfort

    Optimisation of ride comfort, cabin insulation and steering stability

  • Zero Defect Quality

    Electronic system performance and reliability in weather extremes

  • Emotional Quality

    Evaluation of seat performance, ergonomic design of controls and sensory satisfaction

  • Durability

    1.1 million kilometres of testing in different conditions around the world

Committed to excellent craftsmanship

  • Aiming for the best ownership experience

    For us, craftsmanship is the skill of turning innovative ideas into quality products. That’s why the manufacturing process is key to ensuring long-term customer satisfaction. At our European factory in Slovakia, 400 employees use independently certified systems to ensure the quality of the vehicles you drive.

Key benefits

  • Highest quality standards

    Kia cars are built according to the highest automotive industry manufacturing standards. This exceptional quality gives Kia the confidence to offer the longest new car cover in Europe.

  • Transferable to next owner

    The warranty is transferable to later owners if the car was maintained regularly.

  • Peace of mind

    Kia is the only car manufacturer in Europe to offer a 7-year/150,000 km warranty giving you complete peace of mind.

  • Higher resale value

    The cost of maintaining your car will be lower with this generous offer and resale value is likely to be higher.

  • Europe-wide validity

    Warranty is valid in over 20 European countries.

  • Defect coverage

    Warranty covers any defect that can be attributed to a production or assembly fault during normal use. Defects resulting from normal wear and tear, such as the wear of your tires and brake pads, are not covered by the warranty. 

Please refer to your Warranty Information and Service Record booklet for details
*Kia 7-year/150,000 new car warranty
The Kia 7-year/150,000 km new car warranty. Valid in all EU member states (plus Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Gibraltar), subject to local terms and conditions. Fuel consumption for the vehicles shown are as follows (l/100 km)/CO² (g/km): Kia Stonic: urban from 4.9/127 to 7/158, extra-urban from 3.8/99 to 4.6/106, combined from 4.2/109 to 5.5/125. Kia Sorento: urban from 6.7/176 to 12.4/288, extra-urban from 4.9/130 to 7.3/170, combined from 5.6/147 to 9.2/213. Kia Stinger: urban from 6.6/179 to 14.2/326, extra-urban from 4.8/127 to 8.5/193, combined from 5.6/146 to 10.6/244. Kia Picanto: urban from 5.3/122 to 7/161, extra-urban from 3.6/83 to 4.5/103, combined from 4.5/104 to 5.4/124 Kia Optima SW PHEV–HEV mode: urban from 0.0/0, extra-urban from 5.2/119, combined from 1.4/33. Kia Rio: urban from 3.9/102 to 8.2/186, extra-urban from 3.1/80 to 4.9/112, combined from 3.4/88 to 6.1/140.
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