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SOUL Booster Day’ with ITZY


SOUL Booster Day’ with ITZY

March . 22 . 2019

Kia Motors held a special customer event, ‘SOUL Booster Day with ITZY’, at Kia’s trendy cultural space, BEAT360. 




ITZY set an astonishing record of hitting 100M views for their debut song ‘Dalla Dalla’, within the shortest time among K-POP idol groups. Soul Booster made its appearance in the sensational music video as well. It is difficult to miss the part in the music video where ITZY members dance on top of the Soul Booster at the climax of the song. Kia Motors hopes to continue collaborating with various K-POP artists in efforts to provide diverse cultural marketing content. Ultimately, such ongoing projects will build a new means of communication for both local and international customers. 



As much as the ‘SOUL Booster Day’ was a collaboration effort with the new JYP girl group ITZY, it was planned to deliver Kia’s young and energetic brand value to customers. Through this partnership, Kia also seeks to establish a closer connection to the younger generation. The event showed signs of success even before the actual date. It aroused great interest with over 1,200 people signing up to meet the SOUL Booster and ITZY. From these prior applicants, a final 100 people were chosen to participate in the event.



At the event, Kia Motors showcased a variety of programs, including individual interviews of ITZY members, a Soul Booster mini quiz event, and the showing of the SOUL Booster special choreography video. 




To see what exciting happened at the SOUL Booster Day, check out this LINK!