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Explore Car Body Types

  • Hatchback Cars

    Find your perfect car in the Kia hatchback range, combining the latest in technology and safety features with style and practicality.

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  • Saloon Cars

    Travel business class with Kia's impressive selection of Saloon cars.

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  • Estate Cars

    Kia's estate car range have a longer body, giving you more boot space to utilize.

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  • SUV & 4x4 Cars

    Whether you prefer to cruise through city streets or have an off-road adventure, Kia's got you covered with our SUV & 4x4 range.

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  • 7 Seater Cars

    Featuring the perfect blend of cutting technology, astounding good looks, high performance and impressive safety features, Kia’s 7 seater range delivers on all fronts.

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  • Compact Cars

    Kia's impressive collection of compact and small family cars delivers exceptional style without compromising reliability.

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