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What color options does Kia Seltos have?

“Kia Seltos offers some palette of monotone and dual tone colors for its interior and exterior from which drivers can choose to express their style.”

Kia Seltos offers an interior color palette that allows you to express your personal style. Seltos comes equipped with a soft, durable upholstery offers lasting support and shape. The interior color palette is developed to complement interior surface tones and textures, as well as exterior color options. The options are:

  • Black one tone (sports leatherette with tubular pattern / premium fabric)
  • Black & Beige two tone (premium leatherette with tubular/honeycomb pattern)

Lively exterior colors accentuate the bold contours of the Seltos. It’s available in a palette of 8 monotone color options or in a two-tone color scheme, with drivers able to select from 5 appealing roof-body color combination options.


Color options may vary across countries.