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Which Kia SUV is the best?

“The Kia Seltos, Sportage and Sorento have all received global recognition for their premium design, quality, and safety. Since each of Kia's cars is different, choosing the best SUV will depend on what you need.”

Each Kia SUV has a distinct personality. Steadily loved and recognized Kia SUVs include the Sportage medium SUV and Sorento large SUV. The latest SUV from Kia, the Seltos small SUV is also recognised for its performance and design. The Sportage & Sorento are the perfect family SUVs with 5 Star ANCAP safety ratings. 

Choosing the right SUV for you, your family, and your lifestyle can be challenging. In order to narrow down options, ask yourself some key questions like:


⍰ What is my budget?

⍰ How many seats do I need?

⍰ How much storage room do I need?

⍰ How crucial is fuel efficiency?

⍰ Will I be off-roading anytime soon?

Kia Seltos

Scheduled for launch late 2019, the Seltos small SUV is the latest SUV to join the family with the latest cutting-edge tech and bold design. 


Kia Sportage

The Sportage medium SUV has an outstanding track record, having won all three globally notable design awards such as the Good Design Award and iF Design Award in 2016. With more than 5.5 million cars sold worldwide, it also has a 5 star ANCAP safety rating. It is a highly versatile SUV with well-formed interior, smart features, and a smooth drive. 


Kia Sorento

Having received international recognition for its presentation and performance, the Sorento large SUV comes with a formidable infotainment system and excellent riding comfort at a reasonable price with room for 7 seats. The ultimate SUV for growing families.


*Models launched may differ across markets