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What is the meaning behind Kia’s brand color?

“Kia's color system uses 2 basic colors and one point color which are: Kia Midnight Black, Kia Polar White, and Kia Live Red. Each representing elegance, purity, and creativity.”

Kia's current color system consists of 2 basic colors and one point color: Kia Midnight Black, Kia Polar White, and Kia Live Red. 


Kia’s Basic Colors

Black and white are opposites, but as opposites attract, they also strike a natural balance between the two, as a pair of fundamental opponent colors. Kia Midnight Black and Kia Polar White represent our company's vision to expand into new business areas by offering sustainable mobility solutions beyond vehicle manufacturing.



1) Kia Midnight Black: Absorbing all the light and colors, Kia Midnight Black is the color of authority. Moreover, Kia Midnight Black conveys a contemporary, elegant, and modern feel to an object, making it a timeless color for everyone.




2) Kia Polar White: As Kia Polar White reflects all colors of light, it gives people a pure and clean feeling of simplicity. Kia Polar White symbolizes purity, creativity, inspiration, and grace.




Kia’s Point Color

1) Kia Live Red: Kia Live Red, as Kia's new color, represents new ideas and vibrant energy. With its lively and beautiful hue, Kia Live Red also symbolizes humanism and promotes a sense of vitality. At the same time, the color red is by far one of the most popular colors in the automotive industry. Kia Live Red, the color that stands for Kia's heritage, is used to communicate our company's value and brand personality. Kia Live Red can be used throughout all communication portals including Kia's websites, products, ads, photographs, typography designs, ad layout, etc., but cannot be used in the logo or a motif design.




Kia’s Point Color

A set of auxiliary colors of Kia deliver a delightful, warm feel of the brand. These auxiliary colors can represent a plethora of lifestyles pursued by Kia customers that line up with our 3 brand values: Sustainability, Eco-Friendliness, and Smart Mobility. Based on these values, we aim to offer positive, engaging experiences to customers through our 3 auxiliary colors, which are Afternoon Yellow, Forest Green, and City Grey. Auxiliary colors are mainly used to convey our brand message and experiences, but not to be expressed in solid colors. Rather, auxiliary colors can be utilized to create a casual, unique, and cheerful experience for Kia customers.