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What is a hatchback?

“A hatchback is a vehicle with a two-box design where the engine is stored in the first and a unified, trunk-less space shared between passengers and cargo in the second.”

Traditionally, hatchbacks were known as “two-box” cars with prominent lines and a boxy look. Whereas the present-day hatchbacks look much smoother with fewer straight lines and a rounded shape compared to its counterpart from the past. As for the characteristics, hatchbacks have a few noticeable features that differentiate them from other types of cars. As mentioned before, the most common feature is its “two-box” design with the engine stored in the first box in front, with the second box being a unified, trunk-less space that is shared between the passengers and cargo. Another important characteristic is its hatch. Unlike a trunk which is commonly found on sedans, a hatchback has a door that flips up that doesn’t separate the cargo area from the passenger seats and because of this, most people assume that hatchbacks are narrow and lack luggage space. However, hatchback owners know that is not the case as hatchbacks offer better utilization of space compared to sedans.



As time has progressed, the shape of hatchback vehicles has changed bit by bit while still maintaining either a two or four-door configuration. But its shape is not the only thing that has changed. More recently other names have been associated with this type of vehicle (e.g., liftback, sportback, etc.) to avoid certain nuances frequently affiliated with hatchbacks, with some mislabeling the hatchback as a ‘coupe’, ‘sedan’ or ‘crossovers’ due to the slick, sloping roofline.



Although hatchbacks are thought to be more economically friendly and more practical compared to other types of cars, it is not without its advantages, which are listed below: 


Space and Flexibility

From the outside hatchbacks look small, with very little room inside. But on the inside, there is plenty of room for both passengers and cargo regardless of size, as the back seats can fold down and the storage shelf or cover can easily be removed. Thanks to the rear hatch, the hatchback can store items that are long or even oddly-shaped since it doesn’t have a physical barrier between the passenger and trunk space. 


Moreover, its compact exterior is especially advantageous when it comes to turning corners, getting through narrow roads or side streets to checking to see if there is enough space between vehicles when parking in tight spots.  



With another door at the rear, not only does it mean easier loading and unloading of items, but with a hatch, it also means a large, spacious window that makes it much easier to see what is behind you.  


Passenger Comfort

Lastly, if comfort is crucial, a hatchback would be a great choice as it has a roofline that is comparatively higher than that of a sedan and other car types. While most car types provide more room for the passengers in front or offer more room for your belongings in the trunk, not many provide enough room for the passengers in the back row. With a higher ceiling, your passengers won’t have to worry about headspace, even if they are on the taller side.