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How long does it take to charge an electric car?

“An electric car can be charged at home or at any public charging stations, and the time it takes to charge depends on the battery and charging point.”

Charging an electric car can be done at home or at any public charging stations. Fully charging a car can be done in just 30 minutes, or it may take as long as half a day. How big your battery is, or how fast your charging point is may change the time required. 


Factors that affect charging speed

There are 5 main factors that affect electric vehicle charging speed:

1. Battery Size: Bigger battery capacity will take longer to charge.

2. Battery Status (empty vs. full): Charging from empty will (obviously) take longer than charging from half-full.

3. Maximum charging rate of vehicle: Charging speed is limited by the vehicle’s maximum charging rate, so you won’t charge any faster even on a charging point with a higher charging rate.

4. Maximum charging rate of chargepoint: Charging speed is also limited by the maximum charging rate of your chargepoint. Charging at a charging point with a charging rate lower than that of your vehicle is not recommended.

5. Weather: It tends to take longer to charge at a lower temperature, particularly when using a rapid charger. Also, your car is less efficient at a lower temperature; so you cannot add much to the travel distance per time charging.