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Are electric cars better for the environment?

“Electric cars are definitely more eco-friendly than a typical car running on gasoline or diesel - with zero emissions of gases damaging to the environment and your health.”

While electric cars do have their downsides, they are definitely more eco-friendly than a typical car running on either gasoline or diesel. Numerous research have also shown that electric cars are more efficient, and so they produce less harmful emissions, even when you consider the emissions created by the electric plants that generate the electricity.


From a personal finance perspective, driving an electric car will help you save more on fuel costs.


From a broader perspective, however, electric cars will not only help in achieving national goals for cutting down on greenhouse emissions, but it will also improve air quality for everyone.

An electric car has zero greenhouse emissions because it relies on a battery to power its motor and does not burn any fuel internally. It also requires less of the more harmful, contaminating liquids like engine oil and coolant fluids.

You need to change batteries in both typical and an electric car in due course - but discarding the battery of an electric car is less polluting than that of a typical car. Also, you will be charging your electric car battery on the electrical grid of your region - which means that if the grid is clean, your car will essentially be running on clean energy. 

Numerous research have shown that electric cars are more efficient and thus are more eco-friendly. Even if you were to charge an electric car using electricity generated from fossil fuels, the fuel efficiency of an electric car is 4% higher than that of a gasoline car. By 2020, an electric car will be able to drive an equal distance to a gasoline car while consuming just two-thirds of the energy.

KIA EV Unveiled: Imagine by KIA

Kia world premiere of ‘Imagine by KIA’, the next-generation crossover EV concept, took place at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show held at Palexpo, Geneva. ‘Imagine by KIA’ suggests new possibilities of the future EV models and does not stop at a massive on-boarding of cutting-edge technology but goes beyond to realize a human-centric design that can satisfy drivers’ emotional needs. 


Kia EV Recognized: Niro EV

Popular Mechanics magazine dubbed Kia Niro EV the “Car of the Year”, scoring it high on appeal despite it being an electric car. Niro EV was highly recognized for being well-designed, stylish, practical, and high-performing, whether on a long trip or for day-to-day driving.