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Soul EV

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Exterior on 360VR

Snow White Pearl + Electronic blue Snow White Pearl + Electronic blue images/product/360vr/ACN/
Clear White #f3f3f3images/product/360vr/1D/
Caribbean Blue + Clear White Caribbean Blue + Clear White images/product/360vr/AAT/
New Vanilla Shake #767b80images/product/360vr/IM/
Cherry Black + Inferno Red Cherry Black + Inferno Red images/product/360vr/ABR/
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Interior on 360VR

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Virtual Engine Sound System
To help pedestrians hear you coming, the Soul EV
generates fine-tuned warning sound.

Airbag system

Driver, passenger, side and curtain airbags
A 6-airbag system offers protection for all occupants and can be effective
at reducing injuries from certain collisions.
Vehicle Stability Management (VSM)
VSM helps ensure your car stays stable when simultaneously braking and cornering
or during rapid acceleration – especially on wet, slippery and rough roads.
Hill-start Assist Control (HAC)
HAC prevents the vehicle from rolling backward when at standstill on an upward inline by gently applying the brakes for up to two seconds while moving your foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator.
Hill-start Assist Control (HAC)
Brake Assist System (BAS)
BAS greatly reduces the stopping distance during sudden braking situations by applying maximum brake force when needed.
Brake Assist System (BAS)
Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
Electronic Stability Control reduces skidding to help maintain control in the event you have to brake or swerve suddenly.
Electronic Stability Control (ESC)


Battery capacity

Max. power output

27kWh Battery capacity
Lithium-ion polymer battery supports a range of 212 km.
Its position gives the Soul EV stability by lowering the
centre of gravity.
81.4kW Max. power output
The efficient, lightweight 81.4 kW, 285 Nm permanent
magnet synchronous motor keeps ample acceleration
on tap from standstill or when needed for overtaking at
moderate speeds.

Battery (Lithium-ion polymer)

  • * Capacity (kWh): 27
  • * Power (kW): 90

Electric motor

  • * Max. Power Output (kW): 81.4
  • * Max. Torque (Nm): 285
Energy-efficiency heat pump system
Heat pump systems are more efficient compared to conventional
electric heater-based system. The Soul EV heat pump system increases driving distance by using recovered waste heat from
the coolant water for the electric powertrain.
Energy-saving individual air-conditioning system
A selective air-conditioning zone corresponding to driver
seating position limits air-conditioning to the driver only, lowering
the amount of energy consumed for unoccupied zones and
increasing the driving distance of the Soul EV.


Standard charge
(6.6 kW / 100% state of charge)
Fast charge
 (100 kW / 80% state of charge)
or 33 min. (50 kW / 80% state of charge)
Charge status indicator
At the centre of the dash, below the windscreen, a semicircular
display of three LED sections lets you check charging status from
outside the vehicle.
Charge port
As you face the front of the Soul EV, the right side of the grille
slides to the centre, revealing a normal AC charge port and
a fast DC charge port. A charging port light provides visibility
in the dark.


Cargo capacity

Cargo under storage compartment
Under the luggage floor, a partitioned tray lets you stow valuables,
tools and charging cables.
60:40 split-folding rear seats
To accommodate more combinations of passengers and
cargo, the rear seatbacks split 60:40 and fold flat for maximum


Kia Soul EV Specifications Dimension
Overall length 4,140 Overhang (Front) 840
Overall width 1,800 Overhang (Rear) 730
Overall height 1,593 Interior length 1,869
Wheelbase 2,570 Interior width 1,869
Wheeltrad (Front) 1,576 Interior height 1,193
Wheeltread (Rear) 1,585 Cargo space capacity (ℓ, VDA) 250
Technical specifications
Electric motor Max. power output (kW) 81.4
Max. torque (Nm) 285
Battery Type Lithium-ion polymer
Capacity (kWh) 27
Power (kW) 90
Performance Acceleration (Sec./0→100kph) Within 11.2
Max. speed (kph) 145
Max. slope (%) 33
Drive range per charge (km) 212 (* Based on the new European drive cycle)
CO2 emissions (g CO2/km) 0

All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.

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Kia Soul EV Exterior 04

Kia Soul EV Exterior 05

Kia Soul EV Exterior 06

Kia Soul EV Exterior 07

Kia Soul EV Exterior 08

Kia Soul EV Exterior LED rear combination lamps

LED rear combination lamps

Soul's signature LED rear combination lamps boast outstanding visibility along with a serious dose of ultramodern style.

Kia Soul EV Exterior 09

Kia Soul EV Exterior 10

Kia Soul EV Exterior Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels

Aerodynamically designed 5-spoke, 16-inch alloy wheels help extend driving range by reducing air resistance.

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Kia Soul EV Interior 01


Kia Soul EV Interior Convenience

For Your Convenience

① Audio remote controls: Intuitively placed steering-wheel-mounted controls let you adjust volume and change stations without taking your hands from the wheel.
② Flex steer system: Choose between 3 steering modes: Comfort, Normal or Sport.
③ Auto cruise control/speed limiter: Adjust cruise control settings without removing your hands from the wheel using these ergonomically designed buttons.

Kia Soul EV Interior Integrated air vents and tweeters

Integrated air vents and tweeters

The side air vents are seamlessly integrated with the “floating” tweeters as a stylish extension of the interior.

Kia Soul EV Interior Tyre-Pressure Monitoring System

Tyre-Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

A warning light in the instrument cluster comes on if any tyre's pressure drops below a specified range.

Kia Soul EV Interior Rear view camera

Rear view camera

When you shift into reverse, a live rear-view image appears, including a superimposed footprint representing vehicle width.

Kia Soul EV Interior 02


Kia Soul EV Interior Ventilated front seats

Ventilated front seats

Both the driver and front passenger seats are ventilated for enhanced comfort. Warm or cool air is blown through the seat and backrest cushions, preventing perspiration build up on hot days and keeping you cozy in the winter.

Kia Soul EV Interior 2nd row seat warmers

2nd row seat warmers

Besides front seats’ two-step heating function, Rear seat passengers can also stay cozy and Warm on cold winter days thanks to two-step Heated seats.

Kia Soul EV Interior Eco Cloth Standard

Eco Cloth (Standard)

The Kia Soul EV has achieved the auto industry’s first UL Environmental validation for bio-based organic carbon content. Five newly developed eco-friendly materials include thermoplastic elastomer fabric and cellulose-based plastics that replace oil-based materials. There are new water-based coatings and antibacterial agents in the interior.

Kia Soul EV Interior 8inch Center display monitor

8inch Center display monitor

Kia Soul EV Interior Gauge cluster

Gauge cluster

The high-tech digital instrument cluster provides logically diplayed vehicle information through its quick-refreshing 3.5-inch OLED trip computer. The left-side located SOC gauge tells you how far you've come, and how much farther you can drive before the next recharge.

Kia Soul EV Interior 60-40 split-folding rear seats

Centre fascia

Appreciate driving technology whenever you glance at the centre fascia panel. Sturdy, high-quality double-injection moulding surrounds the infotainment screen that offers easy access to diverse information and system controls. (* The images used above are applicable for U.S. Market)

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