Experience New Luxury KIA QUORIS

While boasting the largest dimensions in its segment, Kia Quoris is the
next step in Kia's dynamic and innovative design legacy with its charis-
matic front mask and sophisticated curves and surfaces.

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In the U.S market, Kia launched a little different rear-drive luxury sedan, K900 (known as 'Kia Quoris' in other overseas markets).

The all-new 2015 K900 is poised to challenge the rear-drive luxury sedan segment with an extensive list of standard equipment, world-class accommodations, premium driving dynamics and stunning design that will redefine consumer perception and expectations of the Kia brand.

Here are some of the quotes from the press who drove K900 in California.

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Advanced Technology
High level of sophistication and refinement

Kia Quoris Highlights Full LED Adpative Front Lighting System

Full LED Adaptive Front Lighting System

Kia Quoris Highlights Head Up Display (HUD)

Head Up Display (HUD)

Luxury Class
Pushing the horizons of its segment

Kia Quoris Highlights Advanced Rear Wheel Drive

Advanced Rear Wheel Drive

Kia Quoris Highlights Rear Bench Seat

Rear Bench Seat

Kia Quoris Highlights 9.2 Dual Monitor

9.2 Dual Monitor


Select a Seat Color

The EX trim offers a choice of three earthy interior seat color
schemes in high-quality woven or knit cloth, or optional leather,
that create a soothing and refined cabin ambience.

Exterior on 360VR

Snow White Pearl #e6e6e6images/360vr/exterior/snow_white_pearl/
Bright Silver #a5a8acimages/360vr/exterior/bright_silver/
Mineral Silver #615f5fimages/360vr/exterior/mineral_silver/
Platinium Graphite #2f2c30images/360vr/exterior/platinium_graphite/
Formal Deep Blue #1c2632images/360vr/exterior/formal_deep_blue/
Titanium Brown #302721images/360vr/exterior/titanium_brown/
Aurora Black Pearl #100d10images/360vr/exterior/aurora_black_pearl/
  • Options might differ by regions.
  • All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
    Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.


Kia Quoris Features Blind Spot Detection

BSD (Blind Spot Detection)

One of the most common causes of collision is the failure to see other vehicles in your car's blind spot. The BSD system features both LCA (lane change assist) which elongates the area of detection and RCTA (rear cross traffic alert) which warns the driver when there are approaching cross-traffic vehicles while the vehicle is in reverse gear.

Kia Quoris Features Blind Spot Detection

Kia Quoris Features Advanced Smart Cruise Control

ASCC (Advanced Smart Cruise Control)

A radar sensor at the front of the car monitors the gap between the vehicle ahead. The system automatically applies the brakes to maintain a pre-determined 'safe' distance and will even bring the vehicle to a complete stop, if necessary. The system will initiate take-off when car ahead.

Kia Quoris Features Surround View Monitor

SVM (Surround View Monitor)

Four cameras located at the front, sides and rear of Kia Quoris provide a 360-degree, virtual bird's eye image of the car's location on the display monitor. In conjunction with PGS (Parking Guide System), which uses a steering wheel angle sensor and a rear-view camera to show the predicted trajectory of the vehicle, SVM enables safer and more convenient parking.

Kia Quoris Features Surround View Monitor

Kia Quoris Features Advanced 9-Airbag

Advanced 9-Airbag

System Kia Quoris provides an exceptional level of protection from the impact of collisions for all occupants thanks to dual front, twin front seat side and full-length curtain airbags, plus twin rear seat side airbags and a driver’s knee airbag. An intelligent airbag mechanism ensures deployment at an appropriate pressure based on the intensity of the collision to prevent excess injury.

Driver's Knee Airbag

In the event of a crash, the driver's knee airbag deploys to prevent injury to the lower body by offering extra protection for the driver's legs and feet from impact with the steering column and instrument panel.

Kia Quoris Features Drivers Knee Airbag

SBW (Shift-By-Wire) Electronic Gear Knob

Kia Quoris features innovative SBW (shift-by-wire) technology, which removes any mechanical link between the gear selector and the gearbox. Together with a sensitive joystick control that delivers fast, smooth gear changes, SBW technology helps save space and weight while reducing engine noise in the cabin.

8-Speed Automatic Transmission

Kia’s all-new 8-speed automatic transmission guarantees brisk acceleration, high-speed refinement and enhanced fuel efficiency. A choice of four fully automatic modes (Eco, Normal, Sport and Snow) ensures ideal characteristics for all driving conditions.

Kia Quoris Features 8-Speed Automatic Transmission

Air Suspension

Optimal body control is ensured thanks to driving modes that cater to different driving conditions.

Kia Quoris Features Air Suspension

Kia Quoris Features Air Suspension

12.3-inch Full LCD Super Vision Cluster

Using Thin Film Transistor (TFT) technology, the high-definition cluster features precise graphics and delivers a wide range of information with remarkable clarity. The display priorities, graphic colors and size can be personalized to suit your preferences.

Kia Quoris Features 12.3-inch Full LCD Super Vision Cluster

9.2-inch Driver Information Display

Serving as the interface for climate control and audio & visual (including DVD) system, the large, easy-to-read high definition screen allows the driver to take full advantage of Kia Quoris’ state-of-the-art driving and multimedia functions. Intuitive access to quickly recognizable vehicle and road information ensures a higher level of safety and convenience.

Kia Quoris Features 9.2-inch Driver Information Display

Lexicon Premium Sound System

Lexicon by Harman is renowned as a creator of truly concert-hall standards of premium audio reproduction. Consisting of 17 speakers and a 12-channel trunk-mounted digital amplifier, Kia Quoris’ sound system utilizes acoustic lens technology to deliver consistent sound quality throughout the cabin while an inverted subwoofer translates into more trunk space and the ultimate in bass performance.

Kia Quoris Features Lexicon Premium Sound System


Kia Quoris Specifications Dimensions
Overall length 5,095 Headroom (Front) 1,020
Overall width 1,900 Headroom (Rear) 964
Overall height 1,490 Legroom (Front) 1,145
Wheelbase 3,045 Legroom (Rear) 990
Overhang (Front) 880 Fuel tank capacity (ℓ) 75
Overhang (Rear) 1,170 Trunk capacity (ℓ) 450

All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.

3.8-liter Multi-Port Injection V6 Gasoline Engine
Kia Quoris Specifications Engine 3.8-liter Multi-Port Injection V6 Gasoline Engine

Max. Power 290 ps @ 6,200 rpm

Max. Torque36.5 kg.m @ 4,500 rpm

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Kia Quoris Exterior 01


While boasting the largest dimensions in its segment, Kia Quoris is the next step in Kia's dynamic and innovative design legacy with its charismatic front mask and sophisticated curves and surfaces.

Kia Quoris Exterior 02


For a premium sedan, beauty lies in the proportions. A long sweeping shoulder and extended rear overhang combine to give Kia Quoris a robust stance and aura of power and dignity.

Kia Quoris Exterior 03


Kia Quoris is a game-changing luxury sedan that pushes the horizons of its segment. Passionate attention has been paid to the finer details including innovative, high-tech touches that enhance both Kia Quoris' functionality and aesthetic allure.

Kia Quoris Exterior 04


Kia's engineers have risen to the challenge of infusing Kia Quoris with the dynamic driving performance befitting a class-leading premium sedan. Advanced powertrain technologies, aerodynamic design optimization, and a full air suspension system combine for a truly thrilling drive.

Kia Quoris Exterior 05


A sleek and aerodynamic side silhouette is accentuated by a simple yet confident side character line to give Kia Quoris a feeling of spaciousness while emphasizing its performance-driven design.

Kia Quoris Exterior 06


In addition to providing a dynamic and exciting driving experience, Kia Quoris employs highstrength steel throughout the chassis to ensure a higher level of protection against collisions.

Kia Quoris Exterior LED headlamp Side Mirror Fog Lamps Rear Lamp

LED headlamp/ Side Mirror/ Fog Lamps/ Rear Lamp


Kia Quoris Exterior Panoramic Sunroof

Panoramic Sunroof

A stylish panoramic sunroof not only creates a bright and airy environment for occupants but also accentuates Kia Quoris' sporty, high-tech exterior styling.

Kia Quoris Exterior Fender Garnish

Fender Garnish

An understated chrome molding serves as a modern and elegant design cue that further refines Kia Quoris' sophisticated yet sporty side view.

Kia Quoris Exterior Puddle Lamps and Pocket Lights

Puddle Lamps & Pocket Lights

Innovative puddle lamps under the side mirrors illuminate the ground for better visibility when approaching and exiting the vehicle at night while convenient pocket lights under the door handles aid vehicle access in the dark.

Kia Quoris Exterior Power Door Latch

Power Door Latch

The mark of a truly luxury sedan is maximum convenience with minimal effort. The actuator motor built into the door latch automatically finishes closing the door in the event that it is not fully shut.

Kia Quoris Exterior 18 - inch Alloy Wheels

18 - inch Alloy Wheels - A Type/ 18 - inch Alloy Wheels - B Type (for non GCC countries)


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Kia Quoris Interior 01


From the high-tech, driver-centric cockpit to the plethora of amenities, Kia Quoris boasts a level of sophistication and refinement typically found only in the most expensive European premium sedans.

Kia Quoris Interior 02


The exterior concept of elegant simplicity and balanced proportions is carried over to the Kia Quoris' interior to create the most spacious cabin in the segment. Luxurious materials and a sophisticated aesthetic design promise occupants a sensation of high-quality and understated modernity.

Kia Quoris Interior 03

Kia Quoris Interior 04


A sedan with this much class and sophistication should sooth both your soul and your senses. Open it up and let the sunrays and fresh air in with the simple touch of a button for a cabin ambience that you and your occupants will not soon forget.

Kia Quoris Interior Three Zone, Full Auto Temperature Control

Three Zone, Full Auto Temperature Control

For ultimate comfort and convenience, individual settings and thermostats for both driver and front seat passenger as well as the rear seating area enable customized climate control according to preferences.

Kia Quoris Interior Front Armrest Control Box

Front Armrest Control Box

Enjoy convenient access to various multimedia functions without lifting your arm off of the armrest. The centralized control panel features an ergonomically designed control knob that enables quick, intuitive, simple operation.

Kia Quoris Interior Haptic Steering Wheel Dial

Haptic Steering Wheel Dial

Drivers can easily navigate menus for a variety of vehicle and route information. A slight vibrating sensation when scrolling over a new selection helps to improve driver concentration and safety.

Kia Quoris Interior Rear Armrest Control Box

Rear Armrest Control Box

The wide-array of buttons and dials conveniently located on the rear seat armrest allows back seat passengers to enjoy full control of the rear multimedia entertainment system, second row climate, seat ventilation and rear electric sun shade.

Kia Quoris Interior Wingout Headrests

Wingout Headrests

The rear seat headrests feature side support cushions that can be angled inwards up to 30 degrees while the entire headrest can be adjusted vertically by 15 degrees Rear seat occupants can enjoy maximum lateral head support for ultimate comfort, especially on long journeys.

Kia Quoris Interior 16-Way Power Lumbar Support Driver's Seat with IMS

16-Way Power Lumbar Support Driver's Seat with IMS

Kia Quoris' 16-way electrically adjustable driver's seat addresses nearly every possible support angle, while both front seats can store two customized seat position preferences for maximum convenience.

Kia Quoris Interior Electric Rear Window Shade

Electric Rear Window Shade

A convenient one-touch mechanism lowers or raises the automatic rear window shade for better privacy from prying eyes and enhanced protection from the sun on hot summer days.

Kia Quoris Interior Air Cell Lumbar Support Seats

Air Cell Lumbar Support Seats

Pneumatic air cells mounted in the back support cushion of the rear seats can be inflated to varying levels to provide maximum comfort and lessen fatigue on extended trips.

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