Reliable Multi-Player CARNIVAL

The Carnival has been created for every need you and your family can have. It has all the options you need to keep your family safe and secure, and is packed with features that enhance your space and comfort. The Kia Carnival is an MPV that ensures you get more of what you need. And more really is more.

Reliable Multi-Player CARNIVAL
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Maximize the space
Enhance your space and comfort

Kia Carnival Highlights Sliding door

Dual power sliding doors

Kia Carnival Highlights Power tailgate

Power tailgate

Kia Carnival Highlights 11 seater

11 seater

Kia Carnival Highlights Second-row seatback tables

Second-row seatback tables

Kia Carnival Highlights Rear storage box

Rear storage box

Kia Carnival Highlights Centre fascia lower tray

Centre fascia lower tray


VRS (Variable Rack Stroke)
The VRS technology ensures. Carnival will automatically adjust the wheels' turning radius to account for the use of snow chains.
Carnival's sturdy steel frame creates a safety cell that absorbs impact energy, with front and side collision protection at every important point to protecting
passengers in the event of an impact.

Kia Carnival Features VRS

Kia Carnival Features Rear Parking Assist System

Rear Parking Assist System
Reversing has a natural blind spot, and in an MPV the length of the vehicle can be hard to judge. Children and low-lying obstacles can be difficult to see, and sensors within the bumper will alert you to the distance from objects at the rear with a variable audio tone.
Infinity Centre Speaker
Carnival's premium sound system comes with a 360 W Infinity
centre speaker plus a rear mounted sub-woofer, to support the sound
from the 8 speaker system. It provides excellent sound quality and
ensures every passenger enjoys it at its best. (LWB only)

Kia Carnival Features Infinity centre speaker

Kia Carnival Features Rear manual climate control

Rear Manual
Climate Control
For the comfort of second-row passengers, there's a rear manual climate control for controlling temperature and fan settings. The air vents can be adjusted to achieve just the right ventilation independently to make every journey the pleasure it should be.
Various Seating Options
Carnival sets a new standard for versatility and simplicity. The seating arrangements have no end of flexibility making it perfect for carrying passengers
only, using your Carnival as a cargo-hauler or a combination of the two.
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  1. Kia Carnival Features Seat variation01
  2. Kia Carnival Features Seat variation02
  3. Kia Carnival Features Seat variation03
  4. Kia Carnival Features Seat variation04

Kia Carnival Interior Radio, 6CD Changer, MP3 audio system

Radio + 6CD Changer + MP3 Audio System
Kia's own audio engineering talent and expertise delivers a sound system that is as luxurious and high performing as the new Carnival itself. A premium sound system has clear controls and excellent sound quality reproduced through the speaker system.
Carnival LWB
Seating Arrangments
The Carnival designed for business or relaxing with your family on a weekend outgoing. With the tug of strap, you can fold and stow away third-row seats,
which fold neatly into the floor. Flat folding seats can create more room for transporting cargo and luggage.

Kia Carnival Interior Carnival LWB seating arrangments01

Kia Carnival Interior Carnival LWB seating arrangments02


Kia Carnival Specifications Dimensions
(Short Wheel Base)
(Long Wheel Base)
(Short Wheel Base)
(Long Wheel Base)
Overall length 4,810 5,130 3rd Headroom 925 974
Overall width 1,985 1,985 1st Shoulder room 1,606 1,606
Overall height
(Including roofrack)
2nd Shoulder room 1,660 1,660
Wheelbase 2,890 3,020 3rd Shoulder room 1,454 1,537
Wheelbase (Front) 1,685 1,685 1st Legroom 1,059 1,059
Wheelbase (Rear) 1,685 1,685 2nd Legroom 937 937
Overhang (Front) 975 975 3rd Legroom 860 927
Overhang (Rear) 945 1,135 Interior volume 1st (litres) 1,770 1,770
Interior length 2,727 2,785 Interior volume 2nd (litres) 1,523 1,530
Interior width 1,700 1,700 Interior volume 3rd (litres) 1,083 1,390
Interior height 1,260 1,260 Cargo volume (litres) - 912
1st Headroom 1,041 1,041 Min. Ground clearance 167 167
2nd Headroom 979 979 Fuel tank capacity (litres) 80 80
2.9-litre CRDi Engine 2.7-litre V6 Engine 3.5-litre V6 Engine
Kia Carnival Specifications 2.9-litre CRDi engine Kia Carnival Specifications 2.7-litre V6 engine Kia Carnival Specifications 3.5-litre V6 engine

2,902 cc

Max. Power
185 ps (136 kW) @ 3,800 rpm

Max. Torque
35 kg·m (343 Nm) @ 1,750 ~ 3,500 rpm

2,656 cc

Max. Power
189 ps (139 kW) @ 6,000 rpm

Max. Torque
25.4 kg·m (249 Nm) @ 4,000 rpm

3,470 cc

Max. Power
275 ps @ 6,300 rpm

Max. Torque
34.3 kg·m @ 4,500 rpm

All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.

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Kia Carnival Exterior More means more

More means more

The Carnival has been created for every need you and your family can have. It has all the options you need to keep your family safe and secure, and is packed with features that enhance your space and comfort. It's a reliable business partner, too, elegantly designed from inside and out to meet your desire for style and practicality. The Kia Carnival is an MPV that ensures you get more of what you need. And more really is more.

Kia Carnival Exterior Hit the road

Hit the road!

Ready to hit the road? The Kia Carnival is an MPV that's designed to satisfy your needs and your wants.

Kia Carnival Exterior Embrace the new day

Embrace the new day

Who knows what the new day will bring? The beauty of the Carnival is that you're prepared for every eventuality, with flexibility and practicality inside and the style to impress on the outside.

Kia Carnival Exterior Beyond your imagination, Come and join the new world

Beyond your imagination, Come and join the new world

Carnival delivers a unique invitation: come and join a world where a vehicle guarantees satisfaction from the moment you look around it to the day you take advantage of all its possibilities.

Kia Carnival Exterior 03

Kia Carnival Exterior Its the perfect MPV

It's the perfect MPV

Kia's aim to perfect the true Multi-Purpose Vehicle has been realised with the Carnival, which takes driver-friendly design to a new level and provides you with a premium quality vehicle that is driven by added value.

Kia Carnival Exterior Dual power sliding doors

Dual power sliding doors

The rear dual power sliding doors are operated with a touch of the remote key or switches in the overhead console, and include a manual override and obstacle detection for complete safety.
1. Overhead sliding door buttons
2. Sliding door buttons

Kia Carnival Exterior Power tailgate

Power tailgate

To every shopper's delight, the tailgate is power-operated with the remote key, overhead console switch in the cabin or buttons on the tailgate handle and trim.
1. Overhead tailgate button
2. Tailgate inner button

Kia Carnival Exterior Second-row power windows

Second-row power windows

For your convenience, second-row windows – which are traditionally sealed shut on an MPV – can now be opened in seconds with a flick of the power up-down switch.

Kia Carnival Exterior Third-row swivelling windows

Third-row swivelling windows

Passengers in the third-row enjoy better comfort in the Carnival. Swivelling windows turn outward for improved ventilation and natural cooling capability.

Kia Carnival Exterior Fresh inside

Fresh inside

A vehicle that's built to carry passengers should make people its priority. That's why Carnival gives everyone the maximum in legroom and headroom as well as offering plenty of natural daylight, fresh air through opening windows.

Kia Carnival Exterior Wheel


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Kia Carnival Interior A modern classic

A modern classic

Carnival has head-turning looks, with an aerodynamic and well-proportioned style that leaves no doubt about its high performance and sophisticated interior.

Kia Carnival Interior Its your life and its a Carnival

It's your life and it's a Carnival

Space is no frontier in the Carnival, where you'll find ample head and legroom even when you carry eight people in its light and refreshing interior.

Kia Carnival Interior 11 seater

11 seater

Kia Carnival Interior Warmth inside

Warmth inside

The warmest of welcomes awaits you inside the Carnival's spacious and well-appointed cabin.

Kia Carnival Interior All the space you will ever need

All the space you'll ever need

With the Carnival you're never short of space. One-touch double folding seats on the second-row create easier access to third-row seating or will expand the rear cargo space available to you. Third-row seats on the LWB model fold flat and the seats collapse into the floor, while those on the SWB version can be double-folded, removed and easily moved back and forth on the sliding rail.

Kia Carnival Interior Automatic climate control system

Automatic climate control system

The Carnival's fully automatic climate control system comes with air quality control to reduce dust, pollen and pollutants in the cabin. At the touch of a button the interior climate will automatically adjusts to your preferred temperature.

Kia Carnival Interior Conversation mirror

Conversation mirror

The conversation mirror is a clever and popular innovation that brings driver and passenger together. It allows the driver to see everything that's going on in the back without taking his eyes off the road, improving communication and safety.

Kia Carnival Interior Seat warmers

Seat warmers

On a cold winter day you want maximum warmth in your Carnival, and the front seat warmers are just the answer. They provide heat at the flick of a switch to both the seat and back with individual passenger and driver settings.

Kia Carnival Interior Foot parking brake

Foot parking brake

Two-touch type foot operated parking brake that activates and deactivates by adding pressure has been installed to increase the convenience of the driver.
(Available in A/T only)

Kia Carnival Interior Power driver seat

Power driver seat

*Integrated Memory Seat: Drivers will quickly appreciate the comfort and convenience of the Integrated Memory Seat which features 6-way adjustments. It stores seating preferences for up to three different drivers. With the power seat and power adjustable foot pedal, you're assured of the perfect driving position.
(LHD A/T only)

Kia Carnival Interior Grey two-tone

Grey two-tone

Kia Carnival Interior Beige two-tone

Beige two-tone

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