Among the more than 100 automakers in the world, we got off to a late start as the 90th company to venture into the market. Yet we managed to independently develop an engine, a feat only claimed by 12countries in the world. Kia Motors R&D Center received US$57 million in royalties from Mitsubishi and Chrysler for its world-renowned Theta engine. With numerous tests simulating different situations which may arise while on the roads, we are recognized for having the world’s best safety technology for enhanced driver and passenger protection.

Safety always comes first

Advanced technology to protect the driver and passengers on all roads and under all circumstances. Kia Motors R&D Center is a world leader in developing tests and cutting-edge technology such as ABS, EBD and VDC that safely protect people from any situation that may occur on the road.

Active Safety

ABS (anti-lock braking system) shortens braking distance and secures control of the car while driving on slippery roads. EBD (electronic brake-force distribution) automatically optimizes the distribution of braking power between the front and rear wheels in relation to changes in car weight. TCS (traction control system) prevents the wheels from slipping when moving from a stationary position or maximizes the vehicle’s accelerating and climbing abilities. BAS (brake assist system) instantly increases braking power in an emergency situation to shorten the braking distance. VDC (vehicle dynamic control) actively controls the engine torque and brakes during sudden turns and stops to secure stability of the car. These are just some of the technologies that are connected to driving safety. Studies are also being conducted into preventative safety measures.

Passive Safety

Our top priority is developing vehicles that offer greater protection for passengers. In addition to satisfying all of the particular crash safety requirements of various regions around the world, we also received top marks in new car assessments by prominent safety institutions of those regions.

Computer simulation

We use vehicle crash analysis to predict a car’s crash safety performance from the initial stage of development to ensure that we reach our safety objective in an efficient manner. Diverse accident and vehicle conditions are recreated through a computer, using car body and passenger protection device analyses to deliver unrivalled specifications and safety performance.

Actual crash test

Vehicles that have undergone computer simulation are put through an actual crash test to confirm their safety performance. Diverse crash possibilities are enacted, including frontal, side, rear, frontal offset, car-to-car and car-to-pole crashes. Our hightech safety technologies are proven through such actual collisions to ensure the development of safe vehicles.

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